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Ottomana is on a distinguished road

Read the Guild Rules: Yes I have.
Character IGN: Ottomana
Character Job/Class: Wizard
Character Level: 19
Activeness: Started 3 days ago, but this game is really fun, so I'll most likely play it everyday.
Main Character: Yes
If you were in another guild, reason for leaving that guild is: Never been into one o:

Real Name: Michael
Age: 21
Nationality/Ethnic: Chinese (I don't sell stuff, believe me ): )
Location: Ontario, Canada
Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
What you do for a living: In school (tool and die maker), part time military
Type of music you enjoy: Any genre (except rap) as long as it sounds really good!
Microphone: No Microphone, but can get one. Already have Ventrillo.
Reason You Want To Join Royalty: Looking for a mature friendly guild to play and converse with. ^^