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Default 3/13/09 -- The State of Things, Mid-march

Source: Devblog 03/13/09 - The state of things, mid-March - Wakfu Forum
I haven't done it for a while, so here's a little post on the project's status.
I'll be direct, as I'd hinted at it last week, the new update won't be this week.
Why? Because we've overhauled the spells, the professions (and a lot of other things I'll explain), which necessarily takes time.

Roughly speaking, here's what has been done over the last month:

Shop management inside the satchel:
Done. You can set up displays, organise them as you wish, see from the outside what players' shops contain, manage rights, see a nice interface for a history of your sales, and, most of all, customize your satchel layout thanks to gems.

Timeline management:
Done! There are one or two visual effects missing for the extra turns to really blow your mind, but otherwise it's all good!

Monsters rewrite:
Well advanced. The number of monsters per family has been rethought. There won't necessarily be less, but the groupings will be more logical, and some monsters have become much more rare.
Progress: almost 90% on Emelka island.

Ecosystem rewrite:
Done. Emelka island is done, we can start on the next one!

Around 80% done. 6 dungeons are available on the first island. A few visual details and some bugs are left, but otherwise we're good.

Professions implementation:
The design is done. The code is 70-80% done, and the interfaces 50%. The recipes need to be typed in, but that's not the longest part, you can trust me on that one.

Implementation of character spells:
Right now, we are focusing on 3 classes (Iop, Cra and Ecaflip).
They are in the middle of being tested (mostly for balance).
Once we are happy with these, we'll finish the rest, mostly by re-balancing and re-using a major part of the existing spells.
Progress, then: around 25% (ouch).

New interface:
The game interface changes. Franho, our designer, was getting bored, so we asked him to work on what was planned from the very beginning: lighter, more legible, and moveable interfaces.
Today, all the main interfaces are done with the new graphical charter, with details left to polish up.
Progress: around 50%, roughly speaking. Really roughly, even.

They were working two weeks ago, they are still working. Only the basic functionalities are implemented, the rest will come later, in a second phase.

The Wakfu:
Has been simplified a lot to improve comprehension. There is still a bit of work to adapt what's already been done to the latest design decisions.
Progress: around 80% (again, roughly speaking).

So where does that bring us?

As I was saying, the update won't be this week (or the next), but that, you already knew.
When? I'd rather not give you a date now that I won't be able to reach.
We had set ourselves today, internally, to do a little demo and see how the things planned had progressed.
The results were satisfactory, and even encouraging.
Starting Monday, we'll write down what's left to do, and will plan another sprint to bring your something of quality.

I know some of you will say: "Raah! We wanna play!" And that's good, that shows Wakfu is expected :P
But honestly, to quote a great company: the update will come out "when it's done". Which is to say, we won't show you until it's ready.
I do hope this will be soon, and in any case, as soon as possible.

Monday, meeting with TheTurtle the dev, Laura the chieftain, Ben the pirate and other leads, and we'll make a schedule which, this time, I hope, shouldn't change anymore.

One more thing: yes, we are pushing the release of the update. But, I'd like to say it again, the reason is simple: many things have been modified that weren't planned. As we progressed in our overhaul of basic things, it became clear that many details could not be brushed under the carpet.
This is why we came to the decision to modify the characteristics, and then the interfaces, then the timeline...
Many things that push back the deadline, but which I hope (or rather, which I'm certain) will make of Wakfu THE game that you dreamed of.

So I hope to see you next week for the next episode.

Good Weekend!


(translated by Fulminata)
translation notes:
Kam uses the expression "when it's done" as is in the original text.
This was posted Friday, so the Monday he refers to in the text, is today, March 16th.