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Originally Posted by weissritter
Finally gotten my 2nd Class B unit, an astray gold frame basic...

I been keep missing those special MS plans that you get at the end of the mission to build MS... Orz...

and GG Blitz it had been fun yesterday 8D

anyway Q:

Where do you get the plan map to build Gold Frame Amatsu?

How come during their promotion period, you get these special items from salary for winning three battles and yet when I accepted them, I get a notice that it went to my room, but when I try opening the stuff there, it is not there? Things like those mirage collide items etc.

Last Q is my M1 is already at Custom lvl 2, What is the max level I can obtain and is there a reason to go further? When you reallocate points, one stat goes -1 and the other goes +1, and I don't like that....
Amatsu's craftbook can be bought in Cash Shop (I think it's 15000G?), you might also get it when finishing quest stage (the one that ask you to choose from 10 silver capsule). On the craftbook thingy, I will explain more later for the guide I'm preparing.

Ok for custom lvl,
C rank can go from lvl 1 to 4
B rank can go from lvl 1 to 3
A rank can go from lvl 1 to 2
S rank...not sure, but supposely only lvl 1

How far you can level ur MS of course depend on what you got in the first place, and there IS a reason to level ur MS, initially, ur MS's rank's at Beginner, after 1 level, you get your Limit Break Attack, and 2 levels following that, you can your Skill #1 and #2. THEN after that, you go into custom lvl (minimum 1, maximum 4).

When you leveled to custom lvl, you will gain a stat point for each custom lvl. And like weis said, if you click on 1 stat the opposite stat will decrease, it's all to make it balance.

Originally Posted by Vaizado
are the gundams in shop are timed? i mean the ones that cost like 15k+/-
Originally Posted by RoflKnife
Yes the MS in the shops are timed. Even the ones already released in the capsule machine are timed.

How can you even alter your MS stats weiss? D=...
Hm, they're all timed? I will check again later...

Originally Posted by MrClastro
Is there any way to tune the radar to show enemy locations? I just hate getting jumped from behind.
There's a skill in certain GM (not game master), that allow you and your team to see enemy's location on radar (white = team, red = enemy), but other than that, you can't do anything about it but just be careful. And just a tip, press your mouse's scroller button to see your MS's front (looking back checking for enemy that sneak on u)

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