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llSkywalkerll Scammed me out of 73m. It's enough to make me upset.
I didn't get the actual trade. Wish i had.

Originally Posted by BloodVeil
It does say 'Trade successfully completed' in chat, but yeah, trade ss would have been nice.

Did he delete you off buddy too?

And, ironically, I kos this guy anyway o_O

*Looks at ss times* So thats why he ran out of pvp.
I haven't gone back on my buffalo to check if he's deleted me yet. I'm really... pissed.
I very rarely put my trust in people like that. Only reason i did is because i knew him from my hybrid bunny, we camped count together. He didn't know that was me, maybe if he did he wouldn't have scammed me. Time to camp bosses to make up that 73m lost <_<


& there it is.

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