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Originally Posted by Allea
@Gladiat: for 5-10L runs it can be about 10-12 mins if you manage to kill fast without letting mobs spawn in the smaller rooms but that would mean that you need someone to have a very high DPS so maybe about 50 runs per day? which means 2 days only.
Anyways, 1-10H, 2-10H, and 3-10H can be done fast in 4 to 5 that you don't need to take another day for 3-10H is what I meant. For extra advice and I know Eir's hate this even myself if I plan to do this but...don't bring Eir's to 6-10H as you only need Rigel as Fiona said...this will reduce the time needed by quite a bit as you will be able to get another DPS and plus no Soldin spawn though people have "reported" to get H. soldin without an Eir but whether this is true or not I can't say.

But sadly time is a factor in this and unless they're motivated to do this...they'll slow you down.
Soldin will spawn even without Eir, now. However, you could always just restart right after you kill Rigel and not bother killing Soldin even after he spawned. As far as I know, the quest requirement is only to kill Rigel, not to get a "stage complete" from 6-10H.
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