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Originally Posted by Vindicta™
To all those flashcard holders:

ROM IS OUT! Go get it!

Can't just wait to buy the game? Also... I am not that well into knowing about ROMs on the DS but... if you were to do that and connect online, think I read how it can corrupt anothers game if you play with them or even your own really. I find that just wrong.

I never played D/P but I am getting Platinum. And from reading and all that sort of online play, makes me worry. Reading how if someone gives you a hacked pokemon you can get banned online or if battling someone with a corrupt or illegal copy of the game, like a ROM, can corrupt their game. Just... I don't wanna play for all those hours, do all that work just to not even be able to play online!

The previous Pokemon games I played for hours and stressed over what Pokemon to keep out and what moves to teach it. All that. As if I was going to battle someone but I knew I never would. But now that I can battle online, there is more a reason to do all that work now and I don't want it screwed over!

Anyway if someone can maybe link me with more information about that stuff... about the whole online play, what Nintendo has been doing and more recent news about it. Since the most recent I can find is from 2007 and not too much information about it.


The Pokemon GTS site... if Nintendo is trying to get hackers, should they be looking at their own site? I am seeing the starters at Lv.1 and other Pokemon at Lv.1 that are never Lv.1!!!

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