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Originally Posted by TraderJoe
I actually tried to restart my gold version for kicks yesterday, but I dishearteninlgy found out that my save battery is DEAD so it can't hold a save anymore.

g/s remake for ds faflksdjfkjsdlf yes plz
They should remake Gold and Silver for the DS, yes. Even though it won't feel the same as it did back in the day, it would still be nice to have. I read the Gamespot interview thing about Pokemon Platinum and one of the responses from those who work on Pokemon were that they were saving things for a future title. Dunno if it will be a completely new game or a remake.

Notice on GameFAQs how seems only Gold and Silver has reached that 9.0 score. All others are 8.9 or below. Besides Platinum being a 9 at the moment, it might go below a 9 once it comes out and more people rate it.

Also notice the dates Red/Blue were released and ones to follow. G/S came out about 2 years later. R/S came out was about a 3 year difference. Then to D/P was about a 4 year difference. So we can pretty much expect a new pokemon game in about 2-4 years. Those time differences seem so short yet so long.

But yes, nothing can bring back such a feeling. Even if I were to play the old ones it does not feel the same. That is how nostalgia is after all.