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Sigh. This stupid quest chain wouldn't be so bad if they made it so that you get the quest for the next title in the chain by having the previous title in your inventory. Instead, they made it an actual quest chain where you need to complete the previous quest. Which pretty much makes this quest line IMPOSSIBLE for anyone who wants to rebirth every 2 months.

100 history runs may not seem too bad and 15 runs of 3-10H might seem easy, but the thought of 100 4-10L and 5-10L runs is mindblowing. Cramming in 15 of those every day would require a LOT of time each day, I think. Heck, the game itself considers you an S rank master if you manage to clear 4-10L within 26 minutes. 15 runs of that every day at 25 minutes per run is 6 hours a day Oo
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