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Default 2-1B to 2-3B (or up to 2-4B) Farm

I am in need of getting runes for snow girl set throughout these stages...and it saddens me that everyone is doing myth these days or something else like raids but not that extreme, which is also not fun at all... so if you're willing to do this with me then post your IGN and level/class.

Example: IGN: AlleaEir, level 68 RB healer.

Oh, and PS: you must be willing to let me have your cold runes...I will NOT bend the rules around unless you're a healer that needs it. (ie: using it for myth gear doesn't count as a good excuse...)

EDIT: sorry I'm just a bit mad anyways...well it's just because most high leveled people only seem to do myth...I'll make it easier you don't have to give me your runes but if you want would be nice.

IGNs: League of Legends: Allea
~Arigato KratosAurion-san.

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