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Originally Posted by FantasiaBuff
Can any one translate the stats for the odinea set!
Since it's a boss set, the only real translation needed is the element associated with the set and the bonus effect. Since I can't read korean, I'll try my best to identify these, based purely on the hope that the accessory of the queen set has the same stat types in the same order as all the other boss accessories and that the queen's shield has the same comps in the same order as the blood/tenter shield, and then using that to match english with the korean words. Chances are this is wrong.

Bonus Effect
+15 AC
+23 MA
+18 LK
+1020 HP
+144 DP
+24 HV

The axe's attr comp is water, and the helm's attr resist is also water.

If this is correct, then congratulations mages, this set leans more towards the magic side. Also, congratulations gladiators/hybrid powers, you can now have a stronger Tidal/Sonic