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Default Legendary soldin slayer tittle.


I am looking for people who would like to have that tittle.

What I am planning to do:
1. we rebirth 1st april (or not - its up to you)
2. we grind to around lvl 71-75
3. we start farming the tittle 10th april
4. we get the tittle before may 30th
5. rebirth again before may 30th

Around 2-3 hours per day - PST evening (I know it's pain for ppl from europe - I am from europe myself - but at PST evening there are the biggest chances we can gather some team)

There are 1300 runs to perform in around 80 days. So it means around 15 runs per day.

15 runs per day is neither boring nor it takes long time. So it is worthy. However it requires devoted systematic people eager to farm that tittle.

PM me if interested (some eir would be nice).