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Norway those nub arses.

Norway has the lowest murder rate of any country in the world, and also has the most humane prisons. I believe the maximum serve time is 21 years, and it's more focused on you changing and still getting a career and life after your time is up.

The death system is inane. Extremely inane.

Because you can either

A) Focus on changing their lives during prison, which a select few countries do. Seems much more expensive, though.

B) Focus on them serving a term, which is what most countries do. It's effective and not. Because yeah, people could think that spending 10 years doing nothing at all would make them reconsider robbing a bank, but anyone already twisted enough to rape a 5 year old won't change from 20 years of isolation.

C) Death Sentence. This just fails. Because not only are you spewing hypocrisy from every pore in your body when people do this, it probably wouldn't change the murder rate at all. For one, people would see the risk of commiting a crime as greater, but it's already great considering you could spend the rest of your life in prison. Some people who are mass murderers and such might even prefer the death sentence, because to them it might save 50 years of monotony or whatever.

Plus, the death sentence for murder would be epic lol. Besides that, what if they indirectly did it. Okay, rephrase for bluntness. What if someone was uber uber drunk and raped someone and accidentally killed them? I know that sounds horrible (and you'd have to be super stoned to do that) but it's just an analogy.

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