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Nice guide.
Although, I suggest /some/ stuffs. XD
- Between Pradera and El Tejado Verde, El Tejado could be better if you're active leveling or with a pet, and with some wish of getting Viki, as the monsters there drop Hill Giant summon stones.

- If you're going to FA, keep your eyes peeled for
*Porto Uniques
*Strange Items in Torsche
*Joaquin Uniques

- Rion Valley? Rion Prarie? Prarie was a really good spot to level if you couldn't take the dungeon just yet, and it's safer, in terms of continuous spawn, if you're planning to level overnight or something.

- Joaquin Lava Pit (Outside Prison) is a really good spot to level too, although err, watch out for pullers, as the center is the best yet the most walked-by place. After the Rions, I think. Repeatable exp quests there too. o;

That's all..for now.