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Default GE Training Spots V1 (for AFK&Active)

Nanaya's previous leveling guide is sorta outdated, so I decided to compile a brand new one based on my experiences from level 1 to VET. This guide will be focused mainly on non cash shop users, but I will still give leveling tips/spots for those who DO have FA/AA passes.

Good AFK Team: close-combateer (can be replaced with another long range), long-range (for the flying mobs), and a scout (for obvious reasons).
Good Active Team: AoE'ers and a scout


Level 1-10 - Quest, quest, and Ferrucio Junction. The beginner quests in Reb should give you enough exp and exp cards to get to level 7~8. You can get the last two levels at FJ, active or AFK.
*TIP: Quests give you pioneer polishes. Polishes can be redeemed for ubarkewl equipment from the pioneer lady and her box of magic.
Level 11-20 - More Reb quests and Al Quet Moreza dungeon. If you find a small corner in one of the small rooms in the dungeon, you're good to go for AFK. Just watch out for the mini boss in one of the big rooms. You can active, but you'll need an AoE'er (elementalist) to mob control.
Level 21-25 - You should be wearing the level 20 pioneer equipment by now. If so, then enjoy the first few levels of your 20s at the gate of Tetra Ruins or at Tetra Hill. Watch out for Phobitan Cheiftan, though.
Level 25-40 - This is the first of several boring leveling days in your virtual life. You can spend it AFK or Active in Tetra dungeon. 25-30 can be spent on the first level, and 30-40 can be spent on the second/third level. Remember, small rooms and small corners are your friends. This is also a nice place to active level because the mobs follow you and you can start a huge mob train to AoE (or just piss AFKers off when you run through them). Again, watch out for minibosses. Castor and Pollux will easily whoop your behind if you're ill-equipped and caught unawares.
Level 41-50 - After your third change to the level 40 pioneer equips, it's time to hit Porto Bello dungeon and begin boring AFK days round 2. This is also a perfect opportunity to start Soho's quest and earn a free FA pass which you can use during your 50s~60s. 24 hours in FA can net you at LEAST 5 levels. If you're going to AFK here, though, be sure to check on your characters at least every 30 minutes, especially if you're in the Hold. Knockdowns and far-flung characters who go out of defence mode are not fun.
Level 51-58 - You have three options. 1) Go to El Lago de Tres Hermanas and AFK 2) Go to Torche's Savage Garden/Mansion and active level or 3) Use that FA pass of yours and breeze through these levels in 24 hours in Torche FA. Although if I were you, I would save that until the late 80s for Joaquin FA.
Level 59-60 - Since Lago exp will start to suck at this level, I suggest migrating to Pradera de Ceniza or El Tejado Verde. ETV is good for AFK and PdC is great for active leveling. If you have a Viki, you can active level in ETV to farm Hill Giant Summon stones.
Level 60-73 - Pioneer switch #4. Get geared (you should be doing all quests available to you along the way) and head to Rion Dungeon. Rion Prairie is a joke and I skipped it because the spawn was just awful (although it's GREAT for active leveling. It has a VERY high mob density). You can solo AFK in Rion Dungeon as long as you stay in a small room and stick yourself to a small corner. Although it would be much better if you find a squad and camp yourself in the middle of a medium sized room. (this should yield you much more exp) Rion Dungeon is also the perfect place to farm money, since gears drop like crazy here and they can go from 12k~50k a piece via NPC. Just make sure you have a pet with you, or you're semi-AFK and you can hear the equip dropping sounds.
Level 74-78 - Joaquin Lava Pit for AFK, El Ruina de Memoria or El Canon de Diabolica for active. If you're going to AFK at JLP, do so near the Joaquin Crater warp, since people usually don't go there and your characters won't get dragged around like ragdolls.
Level 79-86 - Welcome to the 3rd leveling standstill. Get gear changed to 80 pioneers and head on out to Old Port Coimbra. AFK near the walls and in the area by Desolate Cliff. If you still have that FA pass saved up, break it out and go to Joaquin Prison FA for smooth sailing up to level 90.
Level 87-100 - Ultimate era of boring leveling-ness. Hit Topolo Durga for AFK or Skeleton Nest for active. If you're gonna AFK at Skeleton Nest, do so with a squad of at least 2 or more people, because the spawn there is intense and knockdowns are frequent. (not to mention the miniboss could be anywhere) If you're going to AFK at TD, do so near the walls and in the C5 area. Just watch out for Phobitan General, since his spawn is pretty erratic, too.

Congratulations! Once your characters have reached level 100, buy some Vet Scrolls from the market (or cash shop if you use it) and gain +1 AR and DR along with a nifty title to replace your level! But WAIT! It's not over yet! Once you've been promoted to Veteran, say hello to your 4 digit exp bar! Now monsters at your level will only give you .0002% at most! WEE! (you need 100% to promote to Expert) So...


VET 100-VET 103
- At this point, you should be soloing characters at Topolo or hit Deprimida Valley with your family. If you're not well-funded, stick with all 3 characters at Topolo or continue squadding at Skeleton Nest 3rd floor. Equips for soloing Topolo and AFKing at DV would be 100 pios (which require 5 mysterious powders per equip along with the quest-only veteran polish), 84e, 92e, or 100 regulars. DV will be difficult for families with only 80 pios. Those with cash shop can just buy AA passes and spend a few weeks in Skeleton Nest AA and AFK their way to Expert. (Expert is at VET 110 btw)
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