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The only reason why people die in this raid so easily is because most of the lunia community tend to brush off the fact that this game is team worked based. Hack and slashing the boss doesnt benefit the run from being any faster or efficient.

For one, the main problem to why people die at the boss during 2nd transformation is what boobee just explained. The players with 0 HP die upon transformation, which triggers if people attack Charlotte and make her counter. Healers need to cast at least 1 high lvl heal to suffice the dmg taken for transformation so everyone whos at 0 HP can survive the attack. And this also means Tias,Siegs,dacys,Dainns, and kreigs need to refrain themselves from attacking any further until all players are at optimal health.

second, once transformed they die from the cross lightning attack which is easily avoided if you attack 90 degrees from any direction you face charlotte, even then players should be very well aware that if she counters, thats your cue to get out of her range.

third, you cant buff during the whole duration of the boss fight. The biggest flaw i always see in this raid is when a Sieg/Dacy MDEF/Tear, if you noticed charlotte has an infinite anti buff thats automatically casted during the battle which means all buff pots,triggered set effect buffs,Party buffs/self buffs are rendered useless here.

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