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For the (very) few people around here that have even heard about this game:

God Hand

Taken from supplied read-me like text-file:
v Unlooped, haven't found a good way to loop it.
x Unlooped, not necessary.
~ Looped, but maybe not perfectly (in my eyes).
- Looped.

Main theme:	x God Hand (Credits BGM)

Ep 1:		- Gene's Rock-a-bye (Stage 1 BGM)
Ep 2:		v Bald Mountain (Stage 6 BGM)
Ep 3:		~ Forgotten Song (Stage 7 BGM)
Ep 4:		- Floating Fort (Stage 4 BGM)
Ep 5:		- The Gang of Venice (Stage 5 BGM)
Ep 6:		- Higher than Heaven (Stage 8 BGM)
Myth:		- Anthem of Satan (Angra BGM)
Stage alts:	- Duel Storm (Azel 2 BGM)
  (raids)	- Dark Matter (Trident Demon BGM)
Boss/PVP:	- Handsome Dynamite (Tiger Joe BGM)
Final stage:	- Devil May Sly (Azel 1 BGM)

Campfire/Sq:	- Sultry Night (Casino BGM)
Event:		- Fire Works! (Human Fireworks BGM)
Amuse park:	- It's a Smile World! (Stage 3 BGM)
PVP loading:	- Be Ready for it (Menu BGM)
Slime race:	x Chihuahua Soldier (Chihuahua Race BGM)

WC Event:	x Sunset Heroes (Mad Midget Five BGM)

I left Lunia's credits BGM intact, for obvious reasons.

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