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The future great guild -

Run by me, a lunia expert. I've been playing Glunia came out, with many different characters, in open beta was one of the first 5 to level 60, (than it was super hard to level.) PM for ign.

Anyway, we are a level 4 guild, for now.. it's brand new, we have many low members, but we beleive they will stay in the guild and become great. Not all of our members, are low - we have many reborns, level 50's, 60's, etc. The guild is very new, and is already level 4. The guild currently has approximately 40 members. Guild emblem update every month, and free give-outs and prizes to people who contribute to hours, and upkeep. Working guild shop, fun guild events, and random giveouts! Come into the guild and have fun!


are the ranks, everyone can invite.. for now. Users who aren't active for more than 7 days will be dealth with. Unless you tell me about a vacation, school work, etc.

To join please mail Canny, I'll get back to you.

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E-mail at