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Default To my guildmates

Hello guildmates! It's me Badoink(Revandunde), and there is something I must tell you all. Unfortunately I can temporarily no longer play LaTale with you all due to not having a decent computer to play on anymore. I played LaTale from my school computers because they had a T1 connection and a decent computer. Now I can no longer play on those computers because well.. I'm graduating. I could go back to the school and play if I wanted to, but my school is a good 50 minute drive from my house.(I currently live basically in the middle of nowhere.) Since I have no job or money it would be quite a problem for me to go back there and play LaTale. (Dad gave me money for gas for school.) I would love to play at home, but I have a junk computer and an even junkier dial up connection. So it is basically impossible for me to play at home. I tried to play LaTale at the library, but unfortunately their connection is slow too. (But still a heck of a lot faster than mine.)

So I must say goodbye for now, I will be back though! The next time you see me in LaTale, I will have a better connection, and a much better computer. I don't know when that will be, for I do not know what life will throw at me. (For the past few years, life has always been throwing me poop... it's miserable I tell ya.) But when I return, I will continue to try to make weapons for the guild and become a useful guildmember for the guild. I hope to see you all again in game as soon as possible, have fun! (I can still post on the forums luckily, so I'll be here.)
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