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I kinda don't want to make another thread to ask this, so I'm going to ask this here.

My current party formation is as follows"

Swordsman(50) Viking(50) Spearman(50)
Artillery(48) Sniper(50) ArcherMain(52)
BeastTamer(30) Monk(45) Shaman(49)

I just got Beast Tamer, so that's why she's a lower level. However, I asked my guild members on who I should replace for Witch once I reach level 60, and they gave me different answers. Me personally, I want to get rid of the Swordsman for my Witch, and move my BeastTamer to where the Swordsman is now. I really don't like the Swordsman (he's ugly), and I'd prefer a better melee character than the Swordsman. Eventually, I would like to recruit an Elementalist, that female Pirate, Lady Knight(maybe) and Exorcist. I already have my future formation in mind already, but for now, my guild members say to kick Viking from my party, to kick Monk from my party, or to kick Artillery for my Witch. So what should I do?