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The Last Remnant Sound Pack

EpisodeBoss: Nisus
Campfire: A Friendly Ear
Ending: Journey's End
VillageForest: Limberlost
ElvenForest: Rolling Hills, Sprawling Plains
Tundra: Breakers on the Shore
IceCave: Everflow
StoneHill: Swirling Sands
OrcFortress: Unrelenting Advance
Jungle: Through the Tulgey Wood
Site: Glittering Gold
MiddleAge_1: Labyrinth
MiddleAge_2: Into the Depths
ChikanTemple: Echoing Hallways
DwarfCave: Creeping Shadows
Myth_Boss: Schismogenesis
Myth_Episode: Whispers of the Ancients
Square: Free and Easy
Stage_Boss: Reversal!
Stage_War: Clash of Opposites
Stage_War2: Sword Sparks

Just pick and choose which songs you like. It's kind of weird how different the moods and styles some of these songs are, and some don't quite fit Lunia as well as I would have hoped, but some are a nice change of pace.
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