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Default Elf Tutorial Quest Part 3

This is a Guide made by Nexon and posted on their official site
Mabinogi - Fantasy Life - If you want it with Pics click the link

************************************************** *************

Elf Tutorial Quest Part 3

Part 3 of Elf Tutorial Quests will deal with explorations which only take place in Connous and about battling more powerful monsters. Prepare yourself for a difficult, yet rewarding journey that will take place with the last set of Elf Tutorial Quests.

* The quests that are covered here can be accessed after completing a tutorial quest for Elves called [Eliminate Black Sand Scorpion].

* All Elf tutorial quests are linked to one another. You must complete the quests in order to move on to the next quest, so when you complete the quest, make sure to click on [Complete] to complete the quest.

1. Bring the Lost Elf Home

After completing the [Eliminate Black Sand Scorpion] quest, you will obtain a quest scroll through an owl. This quest is called [Bring the Lost Elf Home].

In the vast field of desert that is Longa Desert, a number of Elves will find themselves lost and unable to come home. Castanea will make a request to you to lead them safely back home to her.

Finding the Stone Coffin with an Elf inside thatís buried in sand can only be found using the Cold-winded L-Rod to alter the landscape.

After the coffin is uncovered, click on it to free the lost Elf that was stuck inside. Talk to the Lost Elf and select [OK] to receive a new quest called [Escort the Elf Back to Town].

To escort the lost Elf back to town, you must lead the Elf from start to finish, keeping in close contact with one another.

If you own a horse that holds up to 2 riders at once, or a bird, you may right-click the lost Elf and have the Elf mounted on the creature.

After leading the lost Elf back to Castanea in Filia, you will be completing both [Escort the Lost Elf Back to Town] and [Bring the Lost Elf Home] at once.

* During the quest, with the Lost Elf by your side, if you decide to change channel, log out, use the Mana Tunnel, or use any of the following items(Waxen Wings of Goddess, Wings of a Goddess), this will result in the lost Elf disappearing from your side. Also, escorting the lost Elf back to town has a time limit, so please keep that in mind as you lead the Elf home.

2. Ghosts in the Desert

According to Meles, a number of beginner Elves have been found knocked unconscious in the desert at the hands of the Desert Ghosts.

To help these beginner Elves, Meles will make a request for you to go in the desert and defeat 5 [Desert Warrior Ghosts].

Desert Warrior Ghosts can be found near the area where you have previously battled Red Sand Scorpions. These ghosts use Windmill and other melee attacks, so keep a safe distance from the monster using long-range attacks.

After defeating 5 Desert Warrior Ghosts, return to Meles and report the results to complete the quest.

After completing the conversation, you will notice Wings of the Goddess given by Meles in your inventory. This item will allow you to teleport to the warp point you have last visited (towns, giant marks in Iria, etc.) This item can also be purchased through Castanea.

3. The Giant Underground Maze in Connous Desert

Longa Desert is home to a number of unnoticeable potholes that, if you step on it, will lead you to a giant maze.

Meles will let you know that although the maze is long and complex, itís not completely impossible to escape from this colossal underground maze, and will ask you to try it out for yourself.

While using the L-Rod to explore Longa Desert, you will notice that a black sand rises up at times like the image shown above, displaying a pothole. When you get too close to this black sand, you will fall into the underground maze.

Once you have fallen into the underground maze, you will find your character standing on a hole where the light goes in, like the image displayed above. Since itís impossible to use this hole to escape the maze, you should start looking around for other ways to exit the maze.

Refer to the minimap as often as possible as you try to make your way out of the complex maze.

This underground maze features a hidden door, and you must use this door in order to continue the path towards finding the exit, so look at the walls closely as you find your way.

If you place the cursor on the area where the secret door is located, the cursor will turn into a fist. Click on it, and the door will either open or break.

Some of these doors can be opened just by striking them, while other doors can only be opened by fulfilling some requirements. Behind the doors that have requirements, you may find treasure chests and other goods.

* You can escape the underground maze even if you just run into breakable secret doors.

The underground maze will feature various monsters such as Cave Millipede, Desert Warrior Ghost, Cave Bat, Yellow Ant Lion, Salamander, and Ifrit.

Salamanders and Ifrits are especially difficult to battle by yourself, so if you run into one, itís best to avoid confrontation and just avoid them altogether.

As you explore the depths of the giant underground maze, you will notice an area where thereís a huge space at the center. The center of this space is where the exit that leads to Errans Gorge is located.

After escaping the underground maze, report the results to Meles to complete the quest.

* After entering the underground maze, if you use Waxen Wing of Goddess, Wings of the Goddess, and other forms of transportation to escape the maze, then it will not be counted as a successful escape.

4. Castaneaís Advice

After completing the quest [The Giant Underground Maze in Connous Desert], Castanea will tell you that she believes you can pull the weight of an Elf, and wants you to visit her.

You will also hear from Castanea that others like Granites, Meles, and Hagel have all been impressed with your growth as an Elf.

As you hear Castaneaís advice, you will realize that Castanea and others in Filia are all supporting your continuous growth as an Elf through various adventures and combats that lay ahead.

5. Eliminate Green Horn Cobra

Cobras have been running rampant near the Rupes Rocky Desert, and they have been known to be very venomous. Hagel will make a request through the quest scroll to eliminate 1 [Green Horn Cobra] to make sure that no other Elf will suffer just by crossing that area.

The quests from here on out will not be flashed on the minimap. Since you have proven yourself to be a capable Elf, maybe itís Castaneaís way of telling you to figure it out on your own.

Since Green Horn Cobras are known to have been located at Rupes Desert, head towards the desert.

Green Horn Cobras are venomous and usually engage in melee combat, so it will be to your advantage to engage in long-range battle, keeping a safe distance from the creature. Once you defeat one, you will be able to complete the quest.

6. Eliminate Desert Rhino

Castanea will make a request to you, asking you to defeat a Desert Rhino that is blocking the path towards Nares Plateau

Since the rhino is located right on the path towards Nares Plateau, you should head a bit more south of the region where you can find Green Horn Cobras and find those Desert Rhinos.

Desert Rhinos may usually be gentile creatures, but once it is provoked, the monster will turn violent and strike you quickly for a monster of that stature.
The most effective way to combat the Desert Rhinos will be to engage in long-range attacks, while mixing them with Defense and Counterattack.

Finding a Desert Rhino right in the middle of the vast desert may be a tough task, but if you spend some time discovering artifacts in Longa Desert and visiting giant marks while searching for the Desert Rhinos, itíll make your journey much more worthwhile.

7. Eliminate King Connous Lizard

Around the Lupes Rocky Desert Region, thereís a large monster roaming around the desert called the King Connous Lizard, threatening the safety of the Elves. Meles will ask you if you can defeat this monster.

King Connous Lizard is unlike any monster you will have faced until now, and it may be a tough task for you to combat this vicious creature. If you feel like you are not ready to do so, then itís best to keep training until you can hold your own against powerful monsters.

After eliminating King Connous Lizard, report the results to Meles to complete the quest.

Meles will let you know that by defeating the monster that symbolizes Connous, the King Connous Lizard, you are already well on your way toward becoming an outstanding Elf warrior.

Will this mean you are ready to expand your horizons and tackle on a brave new world?

8. Upgrading an Item

If you continuously use a weapon for a long period of time, that weapon will soon feel like itís a part of you. This level of familiarity is shown in the name of the proficiency level, and when it reaches a certain level, you will be able to upgrade that item to fit your needs.

First, talk to Meles to hear a brief explanation on the basics of weapon-modification. Then, restart the conversation and select [Upgrade] to proceed with the modification.

Meles can handle the upgrades for daggers, short swords, short bows, long bows, and other forms of weapons

After selecting to upgrade a weapon, you will see a list of weapons that you have that can be modified and upgraded. As you select a weapon to be upgraded by the NPC, youíll see a list of upgrades that are available for your weapon, as displayed above.

After upgrading the item, a message will appear as displayed above.

There are many different methods to upgrade and modify your items, and each NPC carries his or her unique modification methods. If you know exactly what kind of modifications you are looking for with a weapon, then itís highly advised that you look through the NPCs that offer upgrades, and select the one that can help you modify the weapon just the way you want it.

* The number of upgrades available for each weapon differs, and once the modification takes place, you canít undo the work, so please think carefully before deciding what you want to do with the weapon.

After completing the modification, talk to Castanea to complete the last of the Elf Tutorial Quests.

Castanea will congratulate you, then suggest that your character also explore the likes of Uladh, where the humans reside, and Rano as well. She will tell you that if you can learn something from the humans that you couldnít find through the Elves, then itís going to serve as a valuable lesson in your life.

After completing all of the Elf Tutorial Quests, you will find yourself a formidable Elf that everyone in town will embrace with open arms. Of course, these tutorial quests are only a prelude to the adventures that lay ahead of you.

Like Castanea said, visit Rano and Uladh, where brand new adventures and experiences await. Hereís hoping your journey will remain prosperous and memorable!

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