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Not really. I never though ID; Peace B and Sara were great songs. They're okay, and they were first songs as well. Valenti didn't even come out until a few singles later.So I've been hoping that as she releases new stuff, they'll get better.


Originally Posted by jeniez @ Soompi

Rough translation from Music Station:

The MC Takeuchi Yoshie introduced that BoA is making her US debut on March 17th and will be performing a lost love song today.
Tamori-san: "Are you making a US debut?"
BoA: "Yes, this will be my 3rd debut. I came here from Los Angeles yesterday."
Tamori-san: "You're really busy aren't you? I ask for your favor."
BoA: "I ask for your favor"

Takeuchi mentioned that Tohoshinki is from the same company as BoA and is her junior.
Tamori-san: "What kind of senior is BoA?"
Changmin: "When we first came to Japan, BoA gave us many advices. BoA is really cool on stage, she's a wonderful senior."
Tamori-san: "In reality, BoA's not that good of a senior right?"~ jokingly
Takeuchi: "How do you feel BoA?"
BoA (to Changmin): "Is that so?" "But we get along really well, I think they're cool."

M Topics:
Coincidentally enough, one of the main topics for Friday's M-Topi was regarding a cover song that Utada is doing for her new US album.
"After 5 years, Utada will release a new English album titled "This is The One". This album will also be released in the US, among the songs in the album is a cover song 'Merry Christmans Mr. Lawrence' from the movie 'Senjou no Merry Christmas'. It took her 2 years to make this song."
They played Utada's Come Back to Me MV and the rearranged cover song during this segment. But it was kind of interesting because they showed BoA's face on the small screen for the majority of the time during Utada's M-topic and BoA was looking down at the screen the entire time, so she didn't seem to have any kind of expression. But I wonder what BoA really thinks of it.

Takeuchi: "On the 17th of this month, BoA-san will debut in the US".
Tamori-san & Takeuchi: "Congratulations"
BoA: "Thank you"
Tamori-san: "How long have you been preparing for this?"
BoA: "2 years ago, talks about the US debut came about. I started recording from 1.5 years ago. How do I say it... the US debut was prepared in secrecy. A lot of my Japanese staffs didn't even know about it."
Tamori-san: "The language must not be ok for you right?"
BoA: "I've forgotten a considerable amount. Since a year ago, I've been practicing English everyday/throughout the day with my tutors.
Tamori-san: "They're with you throughout the day?"
BoA: "Yes, I live with them in the US"
Tamori-san: "Have you become proficient?"
BoA: "I'm good at the industry language"
Tamori-san: "Industry language?"
BoA: "It was the same for me for Japanese. Sorry, what I mean is the words that are often used during work. (BoA gave examples of some words that I'm not familiar with, but I think these are words that are often used in the music/entertainment business). But when I went to go to the supermarket to buy foods, I didn't know what "beef" was since I don't know the kanji (chinese character). I had to ask 'excuse me, which one is beef?' so I felt like I was really stupid. (Here BoA is saying that she's good with words that are used in her daily works but she's not good with regular everyday language)
Tamori-san: "That must have been hard for you"
BoA: "Yes"

I found the full episode of Music Station:
Part 1:
Part 2:

Other interesting stuff:
So apparently after this Music Station performance, BoA's height became a recommended search item for BoA on Yahoo Japan. I guess she did looked really tiny compared to the Tohoshinki boys.

I just found out recently that Chisa, the lead vocalist from Avex's new group Girl Next Door used to be BoA's backup dancer during BoA's 2005 tour. I personally don't like Chisa and it seems like a lot of people in Japan don't like her either because she's very stuck up and brags a lot, plus she can't sing. But they're the new "IT" artist/group in Avex and Avex is pushing for them like crazy so their sales have been pretty good. I wonder if BoA even knows that her former back up dancer is now a singer in the same company as her... But I'm really frustrated by the lack of promotions that Avex is doing for BoA in comparison to their other artists. Heck, even Tohoshinki got a commercial for their new album during Music Station- I didn't see anything for BoA.

;o; @ the beef part

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