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A tip : It may not be very noticeable but xform does 50ish dmg. You will lose 1 life if the boss managed to xform you when u have less that amount of hp approximately.

Learn from the video, there are many instances you can go up to melee on 2nd form and the spinning purple hearts atk is only a 'frontal' atk. This includes dacy , of course , if there better option go for it. Doesnt seem Yan ( the sieg from the video ) die once when he was duoing. It shows 3 life at the end.

And I dont think if red hearts kill you, maybe you want to take a look again. It immobilize you while the homings hit you, but you can still use invin frame skills to save yourself.

This is the raid I been doing multiple times a day before rebirth patch. Unless you have suicidal players that keep spamming res, you should have it pretty easy, not to mention the added stats/rebirth skills you get now.

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