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Originally Posted by shiningbrood
When grinding/leveling/killing monsters, do NOT KS someone. To KS someone is to steal their kill. Basically, itís attacking a monster you know someone else is trying to kill. Itís very annoying and it also makes leveling worse for you. The only reason why you should ever KS someone is if theyíre being a jack***, then I say CT/Storm that idiot into no tomorrow and Ring/Blade his new targets. However, donít start a war unless youíre sure theyíre KSing you; sometimes they might not see you when they start up their ranged skill or you didnít see them while youíre clipping something with a ranged spell. Please note that when someone is running from something and that something is slightly damaged, donít attack it until it stops chasing; the person might be trying to kite.
I personally did this and boy did it make me feel better.

Some stupid buffalo was following me trying to kill things before I could cast, so I skipped a few monsters and let him have them.

Then, I waited a bit in the northeastern section of the map (Mirage1) till the buffalo came. There was a spectacular mob there of at least ten or more monsters. He started to hit one of the monsters. As he was fighting just ONE of the monsters, I threw a Mana Ring and Cleaving Terra and ended up finishing the x-one number of monsters and was like "No more KSing > . <!!!!!"

I felt proud of myself :]

But anyway, this guide is EXTREMELY helpful. I find that this guide can be easily interchanged with other elements for those who have a slightly more than basic understanding of sheeps.

Good job