Thread: [Stage] First Charlotte tips/guide.
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Originally Posted by tommmmmm
Ad. 1 Stage
1a) all over the place, in corners, in prison there are boxes with gold coins. You can earn even 15g per run. Learn the places - visit them first - rip the noobs off from their gold coins. Yeah right.... Things like teaching people to steal from other players shouldn't be in a thread like this you know.... Please remove it.To do that you have to pass the trap - it's easy when you don't lag at all. If you lag... you're the one that's gonna get ripped off. Furthermore, because boxes are scattered all over the makes incredibly hard for eirs to keep up with healing. It would be cool thing to kill the mobs then loot the coins... but it's exactly the other way.It's normal that people will go for money first when they first started doing this stage. However, as time goes on, people will go for the money after killing all the mobs.

2b) if boss transforms you into mini henry and you press a s or space you commit suicide. Try to use skills only.
If i'm not wrong, you should cast skills which don't last for over a long period. Once i used JoG on Charlotte and i got transformed into those robots, instant death. However, i'm not really sure if it's the reason which caused me to lose a life. Anyone gonna confirm this?

2g) red hearts - if you're close to the boss they kill you - if you are far - they reverse buff. If you got buffed +2000hp you get reverse buff -2000hp. And btw. It's the most common attack. So no buffs for anyone
Seriously, i don't know about this. Nice tip, though it will be rare to see people casting buff for this raid.

Yes that means - siegs and tias are useless for boss. Only new dfist and new IH might be ranged enough.
Strongly disagree~
Anyway, i remember there's one attack from Charlotte which can stop you in your track. It's those red hearts floating around the boss arena.
All hail OS~