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Default First Charlotte tips/guide.

Ok, I have done it twice only but my knowledge now compared to the one I had before (with 0 runs) is relatively huge.

So this won't be the best super-in-depth guide, but everyone who wants to start doing charlotte should read this.

1. Stage
2. Boss

Ad. 1 Stage
1a) all over the place, in corners, in prison there are boxes with gold coins. You can earn even 15g per run. Learn the places - visit them first - rip the noobs off from their gold coins. To do that you have to pass the trap - it's easy when you don't lag at all. If you lag... you're the one that's gonna get ripped off. Furthermore, because boxes are scattered all over the makes incredibly hard for eirs to keep up with healing. It would be cool thing to kill the mobs then loot the coins... but it's exactly the other way.

1b) Prepare to face L Cini Vakum once more. And once more...and once more...etc. It's a popular enemy in charlotte raid that never comes alone.

1c) Masssss Henry spawn. Usually he is hitstunned in 5-10L so you don't know his moves. You'll learn them by doing Charlotte raid.

1d) new casual enemy - soldier with 'sharky' sword. If not hitstunned does 900-1200 combo. I don't like him. But I don't like cini vakum even more.

Ad. 2 Boss
2a) Boss has two stages. Normal and transformed.
2b) if boss transforms you into mini henry and you press a s or space you commit suicide. Try to use skills only. This points is important especially to siegs/tias.
2c) Boss heals by your death. If you die boss heals around 5 times your health or maybe 10 times. I don't know. However I know it's A LOT. So don't die.
2d) first form has more knockdown skills than second. Ice wall first form.
2e) Second form has many 0hp skills and one aoe 0hp skill that don't knock down. It's generally purple heart attack in many variations.
2f) Boss has one guided (it will follow you) 0hp knockdown skill with auto get-up. So no fake ress. It's a double missile attack.
2g) red hearts - if you're close to the boss they kill you - if you are far - they reverse buff. If you got buffed +2000hp you get reverse buff -2000hp. And btw. It's the most common attack. So no buffs for anyone
2h) Use easily dash-cancelable / invincible frames skills only.
2i) don't lag. Or else you want be able to dash-cancel.
2j) the electrical cross is cross-shaped at the beginnig but later on it can also be x-shaped. It knocks down 0hp but it doesnt auto get-up.
2g) the boss (in contrary to daru L for example) doesn't have attacks with range above 110-120.

If you can't see the boss - you might run into it by dashing == insta death. If you see the boss, you are too close - electrical cross can reach you. The best distance I have found out so far is shadow distance - you can see charlotte's shadow but you can't see her by herself.

That means - only very ranged attacks. You are safe. You see the shadow so you won't run into it. You are too far for charlotte to reach you but you can reach her. If not you can dash cancel and run.

Yes that means - siegs and tias are useless for boss. Only new dfist and new IH might be ranged enough.

Is coming close for old IH or DDB (for dainns) worthy? As far as two raids I have seen - there's about 35-40% chance that coming close to the boss will kill you. Is it worthy to do IH and then die and heal boss even more?

Generally charlotte is easy - After all ppl died and left... there were 4 of us left only (including one fs healer)..and we bit charlotte to pulp !

The more ppl in boss - the easier to die (harder for eir). As far as two raids are concerned - some of the ppl must die before we start to do more dmg to charlotte than she heals. Maybe it's because they are still noobs in this raid. I don't know.

that's it so far. Feel free to correct me or add new things.