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Default Kia's DX Buff Guide O.o

FIRST!! I know what you're gonna say.... what the.... WHY DUN'T I USE PURE AP!! >:O

I chose Pure DX for my buff since I get more Attacks than others... ok well my buff has -13 DX BASE!!! and only lvl 140-ish -22 with equips X3 anyways... pure DX FAILZ if you don't fund it.....

so I'd make a sense (fox works better for tut.... but lion gear can be used for AC) first.... once you lvl that Sense and have some good LK (be sure to have Lucky 7) compound the strong ring you'll get on your buff with Sharp Legs from Forest Mantis'.... mine had about 50 AP comped.... which is a huge difference from the flimsy amount it starts with...

When you're Sense is lvl 70+ go camp Tut.... My Fox can 6 hit Tut with Stone Strike and Shuriken Master... anyways once you manage to get a GS and/or GLS.... get you're Sense lvled to Mirage.... Don will be a doosie.... x.x once you get your Dark Stones... buy the last.... and its time to compound >:3 btw, you should get 1 soil stone from your Buff, your Sense, and make another character for the 3rd soil stone.... either buy the last one, or lvl another character..

ok so now you have BOTH a GS and GLS which should be high Attr (yay )

Lvl-ing Areas o.o

1-30 Cora and Desert Beach and Chaos Spire
31~40 Path to Caballa Relics - Leaf Birds
41~45 Path to Oops (if you have good HP)
45~50 Episode 1 (Chapter 1)



51~70 Episode 1 (the rest), Azteca, and Oops Quests
71~75 just spam kill at oops
75~80-ish Mermaid Palace @-@ *Fishbones and Sea herbs are SO annoying to get....
80- TRY!!!! DON

IF SUCCESS!! .......

Well... If you beat him... OFF TO MIRAGE XD this place gives GODLY TM be sure to stock on Panaceas since it give 1.3mil each time and goes 25 times... This will be one of you BEST quests for getting TM for 3rd as well as elecric Attr Stones

95~105 Ghost Blue **getting Whale Essences is a TOTAL PAIN!!!! be sure to have a sense type friend that's willing to help...

after Ghost Blue... Back to Bug Bears OR Tech 1 until lvl 120....

120+ Rose Garden (Rose petals are MUCH more annoying and frusterating than Whale Essences.. dun be suprised if you wanna smash some skulls in), Red Sali Monster Quest (8mil exp per go... 5 times.... 40mil exp *-*)

*note* be 100% sure too do ALL the Robin MQs avilable... this will save hassle later XD

after Rose Garden.... Tech 1 and Tap 1 Parties.... Tap if you have the HP.... Tech if you want a more spaced out area and the WT...

once you FINALLY get to 140...... You should be tieing up any loose ends before advancing to 3rd *-* the Opreo Card Quest helps, same with Bone Mage, and the Newest 1 Mud Big Foot NOT CHOCHO!! will help as well

at 141 you will get more MQs from Robin and you SHOULD be at TM 120..... if not... finish the rest training at Tap


I can only assume you have everything ready.....

As for the Tribunal Monsters....

Flame Moths- Physical weak.... Pericing Wave or Beserker should 1 hit them XD they only have 5k HP so very quick
Siremaids- Gun Weak/ALL element resist... These are a little harder.... the have 9k HP
Crows - Electric Weak.... If you have some electric in your attack... it should be easy... 5k HP
Seths- Physical Weak..... pfft 5k HP
Shadows- Physical Weak... Watch out.... they Beserk :x so take 'em out fast
Tooth Flowers- Fire/Dark/Earth Weak.... >:3 these will be easy..... if you have earthquake blade... you could take 'em all out at once Beware... they Spam Faint :x
Hell Knights- Physical Weak... They have electro.... so watch out for shock... you may have to use Pericing Wave and other long range skills
Yetis- Have some good HP but other than that they are pretty easy
Kooms- have some good AP tolerance.... Take 'em out fast
Merman Aku- Wind/Light/Dark Weak... if you have your GLS.... this will be quick
Adaxx- the have Siren.... so just slaughter them *-* BEFORE THEY SLAUGHTER YOU O.o
<Repot Here>
Stoor Worms- These guys have Wind Blade..
Madam Chiffon- Dun SEEM strong but they have Beserker AND Laceator.... be careful Thunder/Earth Weak *-*
Freyja- They have Light AND elec. skills take them out fast or they'll shock and attack you.... Be sure to spam potions here
F.G. Tink- they have Beserker.... beware.... Dark Weak
<repot here>
Levithans- These guys are the worst.... the have Dodge Master, Super Hips, Siren Just take these one at a time.... look at the Don Guide... the same strategy applies


If you went Pure (Gladitor) you'll have Shadow, Gale, Sonic, and now Chi Sword....... be sure to get them o.o

If you went Hybrid (Mercenary) You have Uppercut to start with... be sure to aim for Tetra and Guard >=3

AFTER 3rd TRAINING- this takes up a large portion of the game... over half the levels are done after 3rd...

anyways here are some Popular places that are useful all throughout after 3rd...

Tap1- Very Basic Blues take less but do less than reds... Moths are in between
Tech 1 or 4- only thing to beware off is Deku's AR x.x
Ice Dungeon 3- meant more for Light Mages and high lvl Dark Lords because of Great Coolems (Magic Weak) its best to use when you're waiting for Odinea to respawn beause of the closeness and endless Tool #3's

Helpful Hints for Don~

2) SMACK HIM *-*
4) redo #2
5) redo #3

He Will be dead soon enough~ :3

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