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good guide

Originally Posted by xKeichi

Landmine. Please remove that optional choice. You have to see it in gvg to know the true power of it. I've seen pure AC lions throw landmine and wait until someone runs into it. It's either enough to 1hko or lower the HP enough that a DS could kill the enemy.

There are quite a few skills that you are missing that should be put after learning all those skills. For instance:
Heavy Carrier. The extra 3360 WT can prove to be useful as it lets you carry a little more bullets/pots and spending less time running back to repot.

6th Sense. Please don't bother mastering Sticky foot without this. Sticky foot's debuff is based on DA and obviously a gunner lion would never have high DA.

Lightning Rod/Gas Mask. Get it for gvg purposes.

A quick note about Sticky Foot. The 51% decrease in HV based on your DA is wrong. I've tested it with 8xx DA and it doesn't even reduce to that much HV. The good thing is that with Icky+Sticky together, it can reduce the HV enough to make your gun damage do enough. [ Just make sure you have good LK gears to make Icky reduce enough HV ]


..... y heavy carrier... we have good weight and save TM points for other skills... Heavy carrier and lighting rod? O-O Gas mask, 6th sense is good when u have the skill points for it XD
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