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Default My Music/Blog Thing

This is were I will place a journal, or just stuff I like.

Day one:
24th July, 08

I found out that I may not be going to Italy for the school trip today, but I'm hopeful that I'll still be able to go... Tomorrow I leave for my brothers, and while I'm there I will be selling chocolates and raffles. You know, fund raising and such.

Yesterday I got a brand new book, one I've been waiting ages for, quite literally I've been waiting since I was fifteen. 'Superior Saturday' Book six of the Keys to the kingdom series written by Garth Nix. I read it in one night <3 It was awesome.

I also found an AWESOME bit of music. (Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture). I think its just awesome, you guys should give it a try. Listen to it all the way through before you make up your mind. Its good to do so while not doing anything, so if you have a spare... well you'll find out soon enough.

.Thanks all: Bye for now.

Day two:
25th July, 08

I told you guys about the chocolate right? Well today at school I sold an entire box in one day! kids at my school are fat ^^; So anyway, I have three more to sell tomorrow, and the next day. My brothers going to help me I think, well he better. I have to help out hand washing sheets after all!

So all in all I've had a rather boring day, pity really. Other than figuring out how to make .gif s on photoshop elements 3.0 at school (first to figure it out in our entire school! ) I made a flashing ball, and a pulsating magma ball, its cool. I'll upload it once i get back to school so I can send it to my email so i can bloody upload it on photobucket; which is bloody blocked from the school proxy.


Why is nobody commenting?

Night for now.

Day Three:
26th July 08

Well today I woke up around twelveish, you know a good time to wake up. I had orgionally planned to sell my chocolates today, but then I just got so damn bored so I didnt bother. I'm going to sell them all *hopefully* tomorrow. Which is about three boxes full. So thats about 57 bars of chocolate I have to have sold.. by the end of the night.
It is 3:53 AM on the 27th >:|

N> Sleep
W> Water
I> To Lazy
P> To Lazy
H2F> No Idea.

Well I guess I have to go to sleep now so I can wake up before 12 so I can Like.. sell these chocolates. Oh yeah, and my mum texted me and said "YOU HAVE HOMEWORK TO DO!"- Which really depressed me, I had come to my brothers to escape from reality for one SMALL fvking weekend, and she has to come along and ruin it by reminding me of the shit load of homework I have to have done already. God Damn It. How do I fix this?

Maybe I should do my homework... but then again its as boring as hell...

Night for now!

Day four, five and six:
27th - 29th July 08.

Well I've been busy writing a speech, and homework; as one would expect.
I got a hair cut today *upload will come after dinner, sis is using camera >_>* And went and got a passport photo taken. Tomorrow I wanna go get my hair dyed somewhat. I hope it turns out alright ._. Once I upload photo you guys should tell me what color i should go.

Oh dinners up

*leaves space for more*

I make .gifs, would you like one? Click on her~

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