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Isn't it obvious?
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Default [Thebes] Luminous Guild is Recruiting~

Here's a bit of a heads up to anyone floating around Thebes looking for a MyMMOG-based guild to join. :3

Luminous is fairly new to Atlantica, having been created mid-February. That being said we don't have a large membership, a town, or a nation but are looking for casual, friendly, and active players to join our small but growing community. We also ask for a certain level of maturity so that we will be able to achieve great things in this game despite our busy schedules.

General Rules:

- All levels welcome!
- Try to be active, not only in guild conversation but in guild activities.
- Begging from, guilt-tripping, and other forms of manipulation to/of other guild members isn't tolerated.

Guild Information:

-Luminous is currently a level 13 guild with a player base mostly from the United States.
-Active periods are usually weekends, afternoons, evenings, and nights.
-Average levels at the moment are 30~50.

Guild Officers/Contacts:

DrScribbles/ Vivaladel and Scribbles
Teuflisch/ Teuflisch

(More as guild level allows. @_@)


The most convenient, but least reliable way, is to capture me or Teuflisch online and send one of us a whisper/apply through guild ad/apply through guild list. But seeing as each of us have other obligations there is no guarantee of being able to reach of by this method. (If you don't know how to find the guild list...:
Town Button >> Guild Office >> Guild List >> Look for #428? (I believe.))
(Guild Ads only show if a leader/officer are online. But there's no guarantee we're even at the keyboard. You can get to them either by the guild ad button on the right hand side of the screen or community >> guild ad.)

If that leaves you impatient you can leave us a message here in this thread, in our guild forum, or send one of us a private message. :3 We can set up a time/date to meet and get you set up within the guild.

So please, if this looks like the kind of guild you wouldn't mind joining and help grow... don't hesitate! :3 /gives cookies for long read
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