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Default [FB] Bank Vault

|| F.R.E.N.C.H.B.R.E.A.D ||
Total Deposit: 48,000 Ely

> Donation Center <

Our goal is to have our very own custom guild emblem (referring to this post here)
but that goal cannot be easily reach without the members' (you!) help!

In order to make this dream achievable, we will be starting a donation drive!
Please donate as much as you can. I don't think it's hard to donate 1k or 5k ely each day, when you can make a 100k in one day.

How To Donate:
Send amount (via postman) to SoupKitchen (guild secret mule) and your name will be recorded.

1. Elys only! No items!
2. Yoru likes a lot of zeros following after an one; meaning, please try to send more than 1,000 Ely.
3. Please don't send mulitple mails with 1 Ely in each of them. That's just a pain and a waste of time for both you and me.
4. Don't complain about the prize(s). Do it for the sake of the guild and Sanichi's life, not for the prizes!

Monthly Records:
Donaters of March 2009:
Rreiss 200k
Kysier 100k
XenosNeoRay 50k
Topaz 10k

Donators of April 2009:
Tenelax 250k
Suteiiben 100k

]Donators of May 2009:
Lilica: 4m Ely
Rreiss: 1m Ely
WarriorwolfX: 510k Ely
PeaShooter: 500k Ely
Gantetsu: 100k Ely
RandomPerson: 67,714 Ely

Donators Between June and August 2009:
WarriorwolfX: 150k Ely
Bridget: 30k Ely
Sakutaro: 518,165 Ely
Dagarasu: 300k Ely, x1 Guild Effect Dye

Donators of September 2009:
RandomPerson: x8 Chaos Guild Crystals
ZiIver: x4 Chaos Guild Crystals
Plunger: x2 Chaso Guild Crystals
Lilica: x1 Chaos Guild Crystal
North: x1 Chaos Guild Crystal
BrokenHalo: x1 Chaos Guild Crystal
BreakFree: x1 Chaos Guid Crystal
Wafflez: x1 Chaos Guild Crystal

Donators of October 2009:
RandomPerson: 1.7m Ely
Sakura180: 1.248m Ely
Bagina: 300k Ely
Tithe: 1.4m Ely
Lilica: 1.4m Ely

Last but not least...


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