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Alright guys, I'm back after my long break! I'm sorry, I'm just a lazy, lazy person.

I've updated the leveling guide, but didn't add more to it, as well as the 3rd job guide. I also updated both "Number Crunching" sections of the guide (which includes Dark spell damage after Blood Testament and Dark Commando) and an alternative build for the 2nd job part. As a final addition, you now have Contact Info!!! Feel free to ask me questions if I'm online or you can even email me.

So, here's the questions I need the community to answer for me:

1. Still don't know when the DoTs tick.

2. Withering Disease is still a mystery to me. Come on, you level 2XX+ guys, I know you exist! The official website says so!

3. I lack the formulas for the new(ish) 2nd job skills, like Icey Shackles/Thunderbolt. As I've said before, I'm lazy and don't want to google the formulas up.

4. Cast Times for the new(ish) 2nd job skills are still a bit of a mystery to me, too. Are they all instant cast or what (bar Deadly Fen)? I've only tested Deadly Fen and Tornado Blast.

@thestarsamurai: Thanks for that little bit about the Tinks, not quite sure if it was changed or I mixed up monsters. And I'm glad I could help.

@multippt: Thanks for the reply, but you told me what they were and not when they dealt damage. In any case, thanks for the information on PvP, I'll try to work it in sometime...when my eyes are not tired.

Thanks for being here to support me