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Exclamation Giants Tutorial Quest part 1

This is a Guide made by Nexon and posted on their official site
Mabinogi - Fantasy Life - If you want it with Pics click the link

************************************************** *************

Giants Tutorial Quest part 1

Vales is the village of the Giants covered in white snow. What will you learn to do as a Giant character in this cold region? Let’s follow the Owl and find out which quests await to be accomplished.

* The following are the Tutorial Quests for Giants in Vales. For information on the Tutorial Quests from NPC Meriel, please reference [A New Race, The Snowfield Giants].

* All Giants Tutorial Quests are sequential. You must complete the required quest in order to move on to the next quest; so don’t forget to click [Complete] after the quest has been completed.

1. Nao's Letter of Introduction

Nao, whom you have met when you first arrived in Erinn, has given you a Letter of Introduction. Shall we view the details of [Nao’s Letter of Introduction] quest by clicking on the Quest window (shortcut key ‘Q’)?

Examining the quest, you will notice that you are required to find Krug in Vales and deliver Nao’s Letter of Introduction.

Krug, the king of the Giants, can be found at his kingdom indicated on the Mini Map (shortcut key ‘M’).
The Letter of Introduction will automatically get delivered when you speak with Krug, which will complete the quest.

Once you have completed the quest, a yellow button that reads [Complete] will appear as shown above.

If you fail to click [Complete], the quest will not be considered complete and you will not be rewarded for completing the quest. So be sure to click [Complete] and collect the reward for your hard work.

Upon completing [Nao’s Letter of Introduction], the Owl will provide you with the next quest, [Visit Queen Kirine].

2. Visiting Queen Kirine

How do you recover your HP and Stamina you have lost while battling monsters? You will become unconscious without HP and your ability to use skills and battle will be little to none with insufficient Stamina.

Queen Kirine of Vales will teach you how to recover your HP and Stamina.

While there are a number of ways to recover your HP and Stamina, Kirine will tell you how to do so with Potions. While explaining the method of recovery, Kirine will provide you with Potions for you to test. You can view the Potions you receive by checking your Inventory (shortcut key ‘I’).

You can use the Potion of your choice by methods listed below:

- Right-click the Potion and select [Use].
- Left click the Potion while pressing the [Ctrl] key.
- Use the shortcut key assigned to each Potion.

You can review the shortcut keys that have been assigned to Potions by moving the cursor onto the Potion. A pop-up will appear, displaying its shortcut key. Take advantage of the convenient shortcut keys; [H] for HP Potions, [K] for Stamina Potions, and [J] for MP Potions, etc.

After testing the Potions Kirine has provide you with, select [Yes] to view the rest of the explanations.

When you return to Krug after speaking with Kirine, Krug will inform you that consuming too much Potion will cause side effects and that it is always best to recover naturally by taking a rest.

The Rest skill can be acquired during your conversation with Krug.

You can view the Rest skill by opening the Skill window (shortcut key ‘S’), and use the skill by selecting [Use]. When you choose to use the Rest skill, your character will sit at the current spot as shown above; this will allow your character to regain HP and Stamina.

When you click on the [Get] button after using the Rest skill on a practice level, you will be able to use the skill officially.

3. Chopping Down a Tree

The Giants can chop down special trees to use as weapons. Which trees can you use?

By speaking with Krug, you will find out which trees can be chopped down and used as weapons.

From chopping down the tree, you can acquire a [Log]. Take this Log to Krug, and he will ask you to defeat a Little Brown Physis Fox to train you for the Combat Mastery skill. Combat Mastery skill will enhance your attack rate.

Where can you find the Little Brown Physis Foxes to defeat? You can find them by looking at the Mini Map (shortcut key ‘M’). During a Tutorial Quest, an indication marking [QUEST] will appear on the Mini Map to facilitate the quest process.

Follow the indication on the Mini Map to find the Little Brown Physis Foxes.
Good luck defeating monsters with the Logs!

You must fulfill the requirements to rank up your skills.
You can view the necessary information regarding the skill as well as how to practice the skill by selecting the Combat Mastery skill on the Skill window.

As during practice, if you perform close-range attacks 10 times, you can move up to rank F.
Once you have reached rank F, you will be able to complete the related quest.

4. Throwing Attack Skill

The Giants, unlike the Elves or the Humans, attack from a long range using a thrower and a spear.

When you speak with Krug, he will provide you with a [Short Javeline] and [Wood Atlatl] for Throwing Attacks.

You will acquire the Throwing Attack skill when you apply the Wood Atlatl.
The Wood Atlatl serves as a bow while the Short Javeline functions as an arrow; you will lose a Short Javeline every time you engage in a Throwing Attack.

The Throwing Attack skill the Giants have will maintain the same accuracy rate unlike the increasing accuracy rate of the arrow of the Humans or the Elves.

Follow the Mini Map to find and defeat a Little Brown Physis Fox using the Throwing Attack skill. You can complete a quest by speaking with Krug after defeating a Fox.

5. Collecting Berries

Learn how to survive through hunger from Wanst, who can be found at the Pub.

If you don’t consume any food for a long time, your character will become hungry.
Indicating hunger, the gauge will blacken and the maximum amount of Stamina you can recover will decrease.

To fully recover from this state, you must consume food; the berries you get from Wanst will help you recover. You can collect food or purchase food from the Grocery Shop.

Wanst will ask you to collect berries. You can collect berries by striking the trees nearby, and you can even complete a quest by going to speak with Wanst with berries in your Inventory.

6. Delivering Wine

The Stomp Attack is a skill representative of the Giants.
It can leave enemies nearby unconscious, change the landscape, or even break the thick ice of Reus River.

Upon reviewing the Skill window, you will notice that you have acquired the Stomp Attack skill after speaking with Wanst.

Use the Stomp Attack to complete a quest.

After using the Stomp Attack skill and speaking with Wanst, he will ask you to secretly deliver wine to Queen Kirine. You can view [Wine to be Delivered] stored in your Inventory, and complete the Quest by speaking with Kirine.

If you happen to lose the wine before making a delivery to Kirine, return to Wanst for resupply.

7. Practicing Defense

Just when you think you can finally rest after completing the wine delivery, Taunes will present you with another quest.

Speaking with Taunes will allow you to acquire the Defense skill.

The Defense skill enables you to block the opponent’s attack once, providing you a window to Counterattack by breaking the flow of your opponent’s attack. Simply acquiring the skill will not permit the usage; you must click on [Get] button to be able to use it.

Defeat the Little Brown Timber Wolves using the Defense skill.
You will be at an advantage if you can block the attack of the Little Brown Timber Wolves using the Defense skill.

If you return to Taunes after defeating 5 Little Brown Timber Wolves, he will teach you an additional skill that cannot be blocked even with the Defense skill—the Smash skill.

The Smash skill is a powerful attack skill which can be used to defeat nearby opponents. You can view this skill by opening the Skill window and use it officially by clicking the [Get] button.

8. Learning the Healing Magic

Can you recover your HP in ways other than resting or consuming Potions? If you speak with Weide at the Bank, he will teach you the Healing skill which will allow you to recover your HP.
You can view the skills you have acquired by opening the Skill window. Remember, you must click the [Get] button in order to use a skill officially.

If you use the Healing skill, your MP will decrease by a set amount and you will see 5 twinkling stars near your character. When this happens, click on the character in need of HP recovery whether it is someone else’s character or your own.

Your Stamina will not decrease when the Healing skill is used on another character, but it will decrease as much as the amount of HP recovered when you use the skill on your own character. Hence, it is suggested that you use the Healing skill with others to help each other recover HP without running out of Stamina.

Upon using the Healing skill, you can complete the quest by speaking with Weide; clicking on the [Complete] button will also earn you the Magic Mastery skill, a passive skill that will maximize your MP.

9. The Crown Jewel of Melee Combat, the Windmill

The Windmill skill comes in handy when trying to escape from multiple encircling enemies. It can do more damage than regular attacks especially when your skill rank is high; however, you should carefully plan when using the Windmill skill, as you will lose 10% of your HP every time your attack is successful.

Speaking with Taunes will earn you the Windmill skill, but you must click the [Get] button to use this skill. Follow the Mini Map to reach the area marked [QUEST] and use the Windmill skill to attack the Little Brown Physis Foxes.

The Windmill is a skill that allows you to attack multiple opponents simultaneously, but the opponent has to be within the range of the attack. After you have applied the Windmill skill, click the ground nearby or the opponent within range directly to attack.

You can complete the quest by successfully executing the Windmill skill 5 times to defeat the Brown Physis Fox and reporting back to Taunes.

10. First Aid and Resurrection

If you become injured during a battle, the maximum amount of HP available for recovery decreases much like when you become hungry.
An injury can be treated, and you can find out more about First Aid by speaking with Kirine.

You may incur a wound which will not allow your HP to be recovered.
The wound will be reflected in the gauge in black as shown above, and the blackened portion cannot be recovered even if you stay still or use the Healing skill. You can slowly recover your HP by using the Rest skill, but even this will not be effective in a Dungeon.

Then how do you treat a wound?
Kirine will tell you that you can treat it by applying the First Aid skill using bandages.

The First Aid skill can only be used when you are in possession of a [Bandage] in your Inventory. Furthermore, you can recover more effectively when your character is resting or being treated by another character.

The First Aid skill is a basic skill pets have. If you store the Bandage item in the Inventory of your pet and command ‘First Aid!’ or ‘Mend’, you can receive First Aid from your pet.

The [Phoenix Feather] given to you along with the Bandage will resurrect a character undergoing unconsciousness. When you use the Phoenix Feather, a feather icon will appear above your character’s head; with the icon above your character’s head, you can resurrect the unconscious character by clicking on him/her.

As with the First Aid skill, you can store the [Pet First Aid Kit] in the Inventory of your pet to resurrect your unconscious character by commanding ‘Resurrect!’ However, your pet can only resurrect your character from unconsciousness.

You have now been introduced to all the beginner quests presented in the Tutorial Quests. Have you become somewhat familiar with the Giants and with life in Vales? This is not the end of the Giants Tutorial Quest as more quests await you!


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