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This is awesome. Although they're not much use to me now since I can only apply for in-campus scholarships I'm still touched by the fact that you took the time and effort to help people out.

My new hero

Also since I already went through the pains of getting into University and paying the fees. Here's a few bits of advice from me.

University isn't cheap, so apply for loans as early as possible even though chances are you won't be approved for your first year (they assume your parents still support you). Depending on the province you come from (not the province you plan on attending University in, can't apply for loans there) registrations for loans start late February. The good thing about registering early is that the government will already have your personal information/paperwork so loan requests for loans in your later years will be processed much quicker.

And you're going to need loans, unless you're insanely loaded.

When applying to university they usually ask for the type of program you intend on taking, usually split between regular and co-op. Co-op allows you to partake in work as a trainee in your field of study. Which is a decent source of income ($25,000 to $35,000 for engineering in Alberta), and also work experience (needed to find a fricken job, the reason why you're in university in the first place, don't forget that). The downside to co-op is that you'll spend about 1/3 less time in seminars and lectures. Meaning a lot of self-study since you still have to take exams and graduate around the same time as the regular program students.

Hope that helped.