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Default Improved Rules?

i dunno other thread seems more like talk about the tournament not the rules cause it feels like they wont even be read there


* Single elimination tournament with winner decided by 2/3 matches and finals with 3/5; matches held in City Arena (optional forest)(optional means both participants have to agree)
* Pet Summons and Set Effect both disabled (optionally enabled)
* Rebirth Skills disabled.
* A disconnection will forfeit the current battle. If the player does not return within 10 minutes, the match will be forfeit
* Participants will be seeded into a tournament bracket upon acceptance. This will determine the flow of the remainder of the tournament
* Participants must contact Lunar to schedule their match. If no match time is scheduled, one will be randomly assigned
* A no-show for a match will count as a loss. If neither participant shows, both will be disqualified


* Attempting to glitch opponents inside Dainn's Ice Barrier or Eir's Moon Barrier is not allowed. The trap at a corner with Ice Barrier uses this glitch but trapping using an Ice Barrier and blocking the opening is allowed.
*body trap that uses full invincibility frames such as dacy's many invinci skills, Dainn's BCB are not allowed because they follow the same reasoning as ice barrier and moon barrier as the target trapped cannot escape with any method
*Allowed body traps include Sieg's S, Sieg's Blow, Lime's RRT, and any other skills similar to these where there's a slight invincible frame not complete.
* If Dacy's dolls become glitched [bouncing invincibility] they must be destroyed immediately
* Exploits of game bugs or violations of ijji ToS will result in immediate disqualification
* Usage of emotes (such as /nomp or /salute1) during the game that affect the gameplay are not allowed
*Talking that affects the gameplay is not allowed.

* A single skill may not be used more than twice in a single combo (A complete combo also includes correction resets, so resetting combo count doesn't reset skill usage count)
* Sieg's "windmill" is restricted to 2 consecutive hits without shifting AKA frontal and no more than one windmill that is no more than 360 degrees between skills
* No more than two of each unique melee strings between skills (excluding dash strings) are allowed. Skills must be used to reset count not hit between like holy spirit (using a skill like holy spirit and hitting between holy spirit hits does not reset this count)
* Lime's are allowed a total of 8 hits on ground (that aaaaaaa trap that limes can do) because their attacks can be cancelled at any time
* Krieg and Lime's transformations follow the same rules except the Biki (yellow) Lime transform. note: this skill is subject to change if deemed unfair during the tournament and can cause a rematch.
* Arien S arrow shots have no restriction on the ground.
* Arien S arrow shots in an air combo is restricted to two S string usages (every S, SS, SSS, SSSS, etc will be considered as a usage of the S string) [this seems like it's confusing tell me if it is]
* Ryan's combos follow the same rules; some ryan's combo using an dA(turn)S skill with the skill cancelling the S; this is illegal following the rules from above
* Ryan's instant invincibility will count as a continuation of a combo in certain corner situations, be cautious of how u use it.

* No Monster Transformation pots
* No changing equipments after the match has started (rule is useful when set effects are going to be allowed)

Etiquettes-these are a separate set of rules that are optional upon request, if both members do not agree they will be set off by default

Dainn v Dainn-No tracking/aoe spells (Fury, FDH, FireOrb, Ocean of Fire, icearrow (casted)) Allowed (Firerain, icearrow cancel, BCB)
Dainn v others-No Fury of Land/FDH

Sieg v others-No Blesses

Arien v others-No Blesses

Krieg v others-No Transformation, No Blesses, no s spamming at 0 hp

Lime v others-No Transformation

Eir v others-No Sleep, healing(not that you'd want to)

Dacy v others-No Doll Summoning

Tia v others-No Blesses

v others-No Amplified Railgun usage that results in ~60-80% dmg

Yuki v others-No freeze ground combos

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