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Talking [SOS 団] Sheep's Super SOS Scholarships and Stuff

Well I've been thinking about this for quite a while and well here's what I have so far.

Since many of us are heading to universities soon, taking AP tests, and are just short on cash; I was thinking of some way to maybe help you guys and girls since I have known many of you for 3 happy years.

As you all know, or now you do know, I'm open most of the time to help you with questions or problems if they ever come up. My friends at school tell me why I care to much for people who may not exist, and I tell them "Screw you", because I probably have known a lot of you longer than I have known them and if anything I'm closer with guys.

So basically every super sheepy summer scholarships shall soon be showered and sent to sosee's. Okay it's not really that much since I don't have a job, but I can manage my finances quite well and somehow end up with extra money so here's what I was thinking:

Every summer on my birthday I will award the following to several SOS members for a prolonged period of time, unless I run into financial difficulties o_x:

I still have to get paypal, so for now I can only pay you guys in UGC's q-q but I'll have paypal by this summer!

For this Year:
SOS University Scholarships
Remember to apply ;o; I'll go create a guide for you guys when you are preparing so you don't make mistakes during FAFSA, College Admission things, scholarship programs, and etc.

When I get paypal I'll probably just pay for one of your college admission fines. After that I'll probably just give you guys roughly $20~$150 a year so you guys can eat lunch and pay for gas xD

SOS AP/SAT Test Aid:
AH, remember to register for your AP tests soon. My teacher told me to apply for mine soon.

If you're taking more than one AP Test, I'll try to send you some extra cash or look for ways to get you guys a subsidized test costs.

MMO loans:
I'll gladly get you guy's UGC's, Nexon cards, and stuff when you need it.

If I manage my finances correctly for the next 4 months, I should end up with a good amount to give out. If I manage to land a job or a paid internship I should be able to pay for your guys lunch the entire year =D

ANYWAYS, I just spent $600 on tests, school supplies, and college admissions so, unless your parents are paying for you already, I thought I would give a helping hand ;o;

Oh and any other ideas we can add? Dx

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