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I just really like HSM3, because of the story. I think most of the time when we like movies, it's either because the concept of the movie was awesome, and the acting fits naturally. Or, because we find something in the movie that we wish we could be a part of.

During High School, even though I was lazy and I never really studied, I still went through the stress of picking colleges and whether or not my ability to get good grades without studying will still be there. All we had from high school, was drama, more drama, lolsdrama. Whether it's bf/gf relationships, or other people in your school, or even your "posse." There was drama nonstop, even when you never intended to be in it, you get pulled into it somehow anyway.

HSM3, to me, stages the perfect, typical, fairytale high school life I wanted. Lols, not to mention Troy's character was zomgs. My bf complains, nags, yells at me for asking him to come over to my house, which is about 27 miles away from his. I mean.... he even has to plan when he can come over and when he can't. Whilst, Troy was willing to drive 1,053 miles to see Gabriella. Sure it's a movie, but I was oogling over the character. Some people are willing to drive long distances, or even buy airplane tickets to go see their loved ones, but with mine, he said I'm selfish and inconsiderate because I always want him here....

We haven't seen each other for the past two weeks, and he won't be coming for the next two weeks either. This weekend he went camping and we didn't get to talk at all. He came home.. and I said Hi, and I asked him how was the camp and what did he do. Only thing he said to me was a cold Hi, he didn't even look at me.. when he said it...

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