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I don't recharge my booster anymore. XD I think so far throughout my TO play time, I've only recharged it once, and I used about 19 hours of that booster XD, I spent 6 hours to sleep. But then afterwards, I was like NO I CAN'T DO EET NO MOARZ. So I just save up my booster boxes and buy them when they're cheap. Since I'm lazy, getting a 3 hour booster would motivate me more to level XD.

So far since I decided not to level on TO, all I've been doing is watching HSM3 and finally finished my powerpoint. Funny how it took me 1 hour to finish 1 slide :] Which only had like 14 words LOLS. <3

I'm addicted to HSM3 right now, I have no idea why. I've watched that dam movie literally 21 times now, going on my 22nd :x It reminds me of how I used to spend my days back when I was a kid. Since back then, Windows 97 was the newest hip, and there wasn't much to do on it except doodles and like FreeCell, Solitare. XD I would take out some random movie I felt like watching, and I'd watch it over and over and over, till I was occupied with something else, and I would stop watching it. Then rinse and repeat. It's been a while since I've taken anything out of my movie/anime/drama series drawer. So the only thing I've been watching is things online, or on the T.V. It kinda hit me in the face of how much we have stop relying on what we can get at the stores, but relying more on the internet. Lold.

But yay, HSM3 IS COOLIO KAY? :]

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