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Default Money Guide: Using the Trading Post

What's a Trading Post?

A Trading Post is where you can trade regional items from one town to another. It is accessible from any Town under the Town Button.

What Do I Need to Get Started?

Well, there are a few things in order to make good use of it:

- Your Main must be lvl. 96, which is the min. level in order to use the Trading Post.
- A Trade Permission License (20hrs.) [Can be bought from the market for 1m fixed price]
- A good amount of money to spend (200k+ for sure; millions recommended).
- Have most, if not, all towns available to be warped to.
- Little time and effort.

General Information on the Trading Post

Generally, the way Trading Post works is that one would buy a number of regional items from Town A, then sell it to a Trading Post in Town B for possible profit. In addition, you need a 'Trade Permission License' in order to use it. The rules for the license is that it will last for only 20 hours and that you can make only 50 trades. If you made 100 trades, then you can not make any more trades nor can you use another 'Trade Permission License' until time expires.

How to Make a Profit Out of It

To make the greatest profit out of the Trading Post, assuming you have everything you need as mentioned above, please follow the following steps:

1. Go to a Town (i.e. Town A) (excluding Rome since it doesn't have a Trading Post)
2. Click on the Town Button => Trading Post
3. View all the regional items listed in the menu and check their prices.
4. Depending how much of a budget you're working with, choose the highest listed priced item possible (2m+ for best profit). Don't buy it, just remember your selection. If none is to your liking, repeat Step 1 and research there.
5. Once you've made your decision, view the selected item and see what towns they are regionally from.
6. Of the towns listed where they were regionally from, choose one and travel there (i.e. Town B).
7. Once you've arrived (to Town B), visit their Trading Post and look for the item you've decided on earlier (in Town A). If they happen to not have what you're looking for, then repeat Step 6 and choose another town. If none of the towns have what you're looking for, then repeat Step 4 or start all over at Step 1.
8. When you've found the desired item, make sure the price is much, much lower than what you've seen (at Town A) so you don't lose profit. Purchase a maximum of 50 of it.
9. Once all items are purchased, return to the original town with the highest price on it (e.g. Town A).
10. Upon arrival, visit the Trading Post and sell all the regional items you've bought.
11. When you're done, you should have completed 100 trades and should wait until your 'Trade Permission License' expires. If you still have more to trade, then repeat the process.

The Results??

If you've done everything correctly, then you should have more money than what you've already started. Moreover, the town with the greater price on the item, the greater profit you'll make from it.

Need Evidence/Clarification? I'll put some pictures up during the process if needed.

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