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Originally Posted by Jumper
... DQing Jeneral because he used an emote, while not even penalizing JinUS for breaking the windmill limit about 5+ times... Yeah, major problems.

Also, same feelings about balanced. 59s and 29s should be auto banned, or it should be in free lol.
Can you give an example for when JinUS broke the windmill rule? I saw one of this matches (first one against CrunchyRoll in round 1) and the windmills he did were all legal.
Which brings me to one of the problems... the rules have to be a bit more clear. For example, the windmill rule can be interpreted in different ways. I thought a 180 windmill in the air was illegal (had to do 45 degree then shift, then another for a max of 360) when it is actually legal.
It's better to have multi rules instead of having just 1, with a bunch crammed together. So in this case, its better to have:
- Cannot frontal more than twice in a row
- Cannot windmill for more than a total of 360 degrees in 1 combo.

I'd give the tourny 4/5 for good organization and a great job presenting/holding the tourny in game.