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i'll reply with my suggestions when i go back to apt.. i have it typed up since u started running although it's not complete
one thing though
3/4 place match is only 2/3 it's not important to have 3/5 for people who aren't going to win anyways
3/4 place match has as much importance as the semi finals maybe less (doesn't matter if it's title matches, it's how i see almost all tournaments do)

Good job hosting ur first tourney though. many ways u can ease ur work and such.
Originally Posted by Eternal
I voted 4:


1. Set Effects enabled. I know some pvpers were farming and spent tons of gold for the eternal flame set, but useless in the tournament. Also, set effects boosts different classes by different amounts.
set effects should be optional because of the immunities which are quite annoying, or there can be a rule stating all immunities or skill removal set effects cannot be used
2. Deviation between Forest and City. Gives more choice to the pvpers. People have different playstyles.
this doesn't really matter but as KL does it. they do it every other tourney
3. Keep it in Balanced. Though its in Free Mode in Klunia, the upcoming patch for balanced will make it more fair.
yea... that.
4. Body Trap. Depending on if it is banned in Klunia. <- Need clarification
from what i saw on KL tournies.. body traps that are unescapable are illegal such as invinci framed ones
the one used by sieg is escapable in all ways except a simple dash

5. Lift the limit on windmill and input a limit like no more than two windmills at wall. Windmill is mostly for show and the user risks him/herself when using it. <-- This isn't really needed, but I doubt it will hurt the future tournament.
windmill's limit is actually higher on this tourney than KL.
KL's rules only state one thing.. no more than 2 it's a general rule that applies to everything but
from the vids no sieg does more than 180 because any more is a repetition of a 90degrees shift which is useless besides stalling
they also do not do more than 2 frontals but that's already in the rules
if anyone remembers rules from my tourney which i used to experiment on rules
i stated 5 hit windmill because that's a 180 windmill if u add a frontal that'll be 6 hits anymore breaks the rules of frontal and 180
ah... one i noticed after watching the finals and stuff
disable chat on ur side.. u will be distracted and does not allow u to pay attention to the match. this is very unprofessional

lower the amount of participants by half at least down to 32 if u want it within a month(add single elimination with seeding if u must for qualification)
rushing the last few rounds isn't really good... KL tournies last UP TO 3 months but anyways i wouldn't want that either

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