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Originally Posted by Gaiety
No one-combo kills rule. Rules are placed to make it fair for each side. If one side completely dominates for most of the match, they should deserve to win, not get instantly KO'd by a single slip-up.

That also means set effects should remain off. I know every Yuki in the world does NOT want to see people running full Kanhel and getting full ice invincibility every xx seconds. Also because people who farmed for those amazing amounts of INT equips should keep them instead of just running 4x L.Drake, and because +50% AEH bonus is just overpowered.

On the whole, I'd rate the tournament a relative 4/5 for the amount of effort and organization put into this.
i disagree with the first suggestion, i dont see why there should be a penalty for someone that has the skill to do a potentially deadly combo that's within all the rules, and it's not like it's any sort of infinite, or the person cant mess up at all. isnt that what pvp is all about? making the best of your skill? (within rules). i start up a freeze nuke combo, i slip up halfway, i deserve to get hit with their most damage dealing combo they have...

the second suggestion, i agree with fully.