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Default Beginners Ranged Guide

Gaining the Ranged Skills
The first step to becoming an archer is to acquire the two ranged skills: ‘Ranged Attack’ and ‘Magnum Shot’. This can be done by talking to various NPC’s in Tir Chonaill (the starting point of your Mabinogi adventure):

1) When you feel that you are ready to get started, find Trefor (located on on the path leading to Alby Dungeon) to learn about the most basic ranged skill: Ranged Attack. While in conversation with Trefor, use the keyword ‘Skills’ and hey will give you a new keyword listed as ‘Ranged Attack’ (accessible by choosing ‘memo’) as well as directions to visit his former teacher, Renald (located at the School). Talk to Renald, using the ‘Ranged Attack’ keyword that you have just acquired and he will inform you that you need to buy a bow in order to learn this skill; ‘Bow’ will then be added to your keyword log. In order to buy a bow, head over to Ferghus (the Blacksmith) and simply buy the Short Bow buy choosing ‘Shop’. Also be sure to buy a bunch of arrows to get you started. To equip a bow and arrows, simply click and drag it to the left of your inventory; its correct placement will be indicated by a flashing box. Once you have done this, you will automatically gain knowledge of the Ranged Attack skill. You can then find out about how to train this skill by pressing ‘S’, which will bring up the ‘Skill’ window. Clicking on the ‘Ranged Attack’ skill, another window will appear stating the requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to raise the skills rank.

*As you complete each task, a bar will slowly fill up indicating your progress toward the next skill rank. Once the bar is full (it will appear in silver), you can advance it if you have the required AP. However, if you wish to gain full experience from training a skill (called ‘Perfect Training’), you must complete all requirements fully – which sometimes involves ‘Unknown Training Methods’ which can be tricky to figure out. Perfect Training progress is indicated in red after basic training of the skill has been completed. All skills start of with the ‘Novice’ rank, then go from F-A, 9-1 (1 being the highest skill level).*

2) After learning the Ranged Attack, you can move on to learning the ‘Magnum Shot’ skill. In order to do so, talk to the village Chief Duncan (located at the ‘Chief’s House’) using the keyword ‘Magnum Shot’ (you automatically acquire this keyword after learning the Ranged Attack skill). He will then you to talk to Trefor once again; use the same keyword with Trefor to receive directions to talk with Renald a second time. Repeat using the Magnum Shot keyword with Renald and you will finally gain knowledge of the skill. The Magnum Shot skill can be trained in the same fashion as the Ranged Attack (described above).

3) You can also acquire the free skill ‘Support Shot’ from Trefor. Just revisit him and select the ‘Skill’ keyword once again (after learning Ranged Attack) and he will inform you about this skill. Trefor will also teach you the importance of this skill and its significance in the ‘respect of an archer’.

*Eventually there will be another ranged skill available for the bow through Arwanen in Dunbarton.*

*By learning the Ranged Skill, you will eventually receive a special quest which awards you 1 bonus AP after completion (Hunt 30 Red Foxes); additionally, by learning the Magnum Shot, you will eventually receive a quest ‘To Reach Rank 9′ in that skill (which awards 2 bonus AP upon completion)*

Using the Ranged Skills
For those new to the ranged skills, Ranged Attack is an archer’s normal attack; raising its rank increases your ‘DEX’ (the main contributing factor to your damage output), aiming speed, and maximum damage. Upon a successful hit, the targeted monster will be stunned for a moment but will not be knocked back from the shot.
The Magnum shot is currently the archer’s single ’special attack’, which applies 2xx% of normal damage ranged damage with the included bonus of knocking the monster down upon a successful hit; each raised skill rank will increase its percent power over a normal ranged shot. One thing to remember is that the Magnum shot, while powerful, takes a while longer to aim than Ranged Attack; it also constantly consumes stamina until the shot is released unlike Ranged Attack which only uses a set amount of stamina to load the skill.
The skill Support Shot is perfect for supplying party members with a constant supply of addition damage when they need a little help. It features 130% of normal aiming speed, 90% of normal range, and 80% or normal damage. The reduced damage is mainly to ensure that the monster does not turn its attention away from the original attacker and start to head for you. As long as your damage is less than that being dealt by the other party member, you will be safe shooting at a distance. Be sure to time your shots correctly and to only release an arrow after the other player has ended his skill with a knockback; this reduces the risk of disrupting the battle and creating a potentially dangerous situation for the both of you.
If you’re wondering what aiming speed is all about, firing an arrow with any given bow in Mabinogi requires you to first load the skill, take aim, and then fire. Clicking once with the left mouse button will load a skill. The skill you have chosen is clearly indicated by an icon above your character’s head. While the skill is loading, the icon will appear to be flashing until it has fully loaded. Once a skill has been completely loaded, click again to start the aiming meter. Accuracy automatically rises to a maximum of 99% (when the targeted monster is stationary), 90% (when it is walking), and 80% (when it is running). It is recommended that you wait until the meter has risen over 75% before clicking again to release the arrow. Keep in mind that there is always a 1-20% chance that you shot will miss.
In order to make targeting monsters easier, hold down the right Ctrl button (to automatically target the monster closest to your cursor) and then use a skill. This saves both time and effort when dealing with a large mob.

*You may want to disable ‘Reserve Attack Option” under Options>Game; change it to ‘Once’ or ‘Not Used’ in order not to automatically load a normal shot after your first shot and so on. This will save you some trouble, especially when chaining Magnum Shots one after the other. Choosing ‘Multiple Times’ will load a normal ranged shot after each shot and may be best suited when dealing with weak mobs.*

Keep in mind that aiming is much quicker and accuracy is much higher when the targeted monster is close to you – which only makes sense. Also, if you have used the method described above and are holding down the right Ctrl button whilst loading a skill, your cursor should indicate whether or not the targeted enemy is within range of your bow. It will state ‘Range Out’ if the target is too far away from your current position, in which case you can click to move to a closer location. This should allow you to get closer to the targeted enemy while still having the skill loaded and ready to go.

Useful Secondary Skills
Of course, you need the basic melee skills - ‘Smash’, ‘Defense’, and ‘Counterattack’ (which can be learned through the beginner’s quests) - for emergencies and for when you run out of arrows. Actually, you can acquire Rank F in Defense, ‘Combat Mastery’, and ‘Sharp Mind’ just by completing the beginner’s quests. What’s more, doesn’t cost you a single AP to raise those three skills to that rank.
Counterattack is the most useful for an archer as it prevents you from taking a hit, and at the same time, provides some distance between you and the targeted monster.
Defense is risky for an archer as it relies heavily on how much defense and protection you have. Unless you have decent equipment boosting these stats, use it only as a last resort. Windmill, which has a melee ‘Area of Effect’, is another skill which can also be used to counter an oncoming monster; however, be cautious when using this skill as it consumes 10% of your current hit points each time it is used.
The only other ‘Combat Skill’ that is highly recommend for an archer would be the ‘Critical’ skill. This skill can only be learned once you have received a critical hit from a monster. Increasing its rank will increase the damage inflicted upon a successful critical hit.
It is recommended that you leave Sharp Mind (gives you the ability to see what skill a monster is using) at rank F until a later time; this is because an archer’s tactic is to down a monster before it even has a chance to use a skill against you. In any case, Sharp Mind does not work 100% of the time, and even then only works on the skills you currently know about (ie. you will not be able to see their unique special attacks). Eventually, as you become more experienced, you will learn to read the tendencies and patterns of certain monsters without ever relying on Sharp Mind.
Finally, any of the ‘Life Skills’ that adds DEX, ‘WILL’ or ‘LUCK’ can also be raised if you so choose that path.

*WILL increases your stamina and increases your chances of going into ‘Deadly State’ rather than dieing after receiving a deadly blow, while LUCK increases your critical rate.*

Getting Started with Ranged Skills
Starting out with just the two ranged skills can be quite challenging, which is why it is recommend that you raising those skills as soon as you are able to. Don’t worry too much about completing Perfect Training for each rank as the experience bonus you receive is insignificant in most cases. Also if you are starting out with a new archer character and have another character available, it is suggested that you buy either a long bow or composite bow from Dunbarton for transfer to your new character. In this way, you can get off to training your ranged skills right away and have the advantage of the superior range than that provided by the short bows sold by Ferghus. The increased range is really helpful at the lower levels as your aiming speed and damage will prove to be lacking.

Useful Tips and Tactics
One strategy to use once your aiming speed and damage are decent, is to chain Magnum Shots one after the other. With around Rank C in Ranged Attack and Magnum Shot, you should be able to get your accuracy up to at least 80% for each successive shot. If each shot succeeds in hitting, you should be able to take out most monsters before they even get close to you. The knock back on the ranged Magnum Shot is one of the best in the game and can be compared to the melee Smash skill. Keeping the targeted monster knocked back and on the ground should be your top priority.

It is suggested that you use a title that increases your DEX, WILL, LUCK, or HP. One title that does so is the ‘Bear Slayer at 10′ title. However, it is suggested that you use the “Golem Slayer” or any other title that gives +10 DEX or more; the increased damage from the extra DEX is really a welcome bonus.

For even more damage, bring along some firewood to make a campfire within your hunting ground. Loading any ranged skill near a campfire will automatically set your arrow alight and give a decent amount of added fire damage to all of your shots.

*You can also acquire the “Fire Arrow” title through this technique (which is required for the advanced ranged skill ‘Arrow Revolver’ which is yet to be released)*

Another use for campfires is for ‘trapping’ powerful aggressive monsters such as bears. Larger monsters will often get stuck around sharp corners or any object in the way; if you place a campfire in the right location and position, you can create a sort of trap for your these monsters. I suggest placing a campfire as close to a small-medium sized tree as possible and then shooting a monster through the gap. Doing so will lure it into your trap and cause it to get stuck while trying to reach you. Even though the monster will not be able to move any close, positioning yourself at the right angle will allow you to attack it from a safe distance. Be sure not to use Magnum Shot, as that skill will release it from its bonds and it will be free to charge it you; use your normal Ranged Attack (which does not have the knock back effect) and rely on your criticals to quickly bring down large monsters. However, since the monster is indeed stuck, you have plenty of time to bring it down as long as you stay at that angle and at a safe distance. Of course, this will not work when facing other ranged or magic-based monsters.

Choosing Your Equipment
As far as bows go, there are basically 4 types and archer can choose from: Short, Long, Cross, and Composite. Short bows give good damage and speed at shorter distances, while long bows (sold by Nerys in Dunbarton) have the best range but are slow and sometimes inaccurate. Composite bows (also sold in Dunbarton) are basically a combination of the two and offer the best damage and critical available. Crossbows are the most expensive but have excellent balance, damage, and critical. However, when using Magnum Shot with the Crossbow, you cannot move once the skill has been loaded; even so, it has the advantage of being able to move at full speed while a normal shot is loaded. Be warned that bolts cannot be set alight using campfires.
Bows can be upgraded for increased stats such as +Balance, +Critical, and +Damage.

Arrows, can be bought at any Weapon Shop or Blacksmith in 20’s or 100’s. As a precaution, you should always carry about 100 spare arrows in your inventory at anytime in case you do not get a chance to restock. The same can be said about Bolts for Crossbows. Bolts are sold in the 200’s and 50’s and cost a bit more yet take up far less space in your inventory than arrows.

*Other bows yet to be implemented include the Leather Long Bow and Guardian Bow (will be sold by Edern in Bangor).*

Armors or clothing? The choice is really up to you. Armors give nice Defense and Protection bonuses but cost a lot to both buy and maintain. I would suggest getting a Light Armor set as opposed to a heavy armor as archers rarely intend to get into close combat. Light Armors have 4 Defense 1 Protection as opposed to Heavy Armor’s 6 Defense 2 Protection. ‘Defense’ decreases damage taken while ‘Protection’ reduces a percentage of critical damage received. All armor can be upgraded a certain number of times.

There is also the choice of using Clothing, which all offer the standard 2 Defense but 0 Protection. Clothing has the advantage of being cheap, easy to maintain, and fashionable. As such, clothing is very popular choice among archers. There is even a Clothing set designed specifically for archers called the “Sandra’s Sniper Suit” set; it is sold by Simon at the Clothing Store in Dunbarton and includes the Suit, Hat, Gloves and Boots.

Remember that clothing can also be upgraded; three upgrades are available for any clothing (other than your Newbie Clothing): +5 durability, +1 defense +1 durability, +1 protection +1 durability. These modifications can be done at the Clothing Store in Dunbarton at the cost of ~20 proficiency and a considerable amount of gold.

*Proficiency is gained through using an item for its intended purpose (not applicable for gloves, hats, or boots). Doing so will raise the proficiency percent on that item, which can then my exchanged for upgrades at a specific NPC.*

Enchanting Your Equipment
The main concern for archers is that you will need plenty of ‘Stamina’ in order to carry out your ranged skills. Either enchant your gloves, hat, or boots (these are the equipments which cant be upgraded) or stock up on stamina potions - or better yet, do both! Other recommended enchants are +HP, +Critical, and +Balance.

*Enchant Scrolls can be obtained from treasure chests at the end of Dungeons (after defeating the boss) or bought from other players.*

Eating a Balanced Diet
For archers, it is recommend that you use the basic ‘balanced’ Mabinogi diet - Berries, Bread, and Water. If you constantly chow down those berries, you’ll eventually gain semi-permanent DEX and INT bonuses (which are reset if and when you rebirth). This can come as a nice bonus for archers (and mages). Bread fills your hunger fast and keeps your body full - not too skinny, but not too fat. Water maintains your body shape as well.

*For those who don’t know how to obtain Water, first venture to Dunbarton and buy an Empty Bottle from Walter at the General Store. Equip it, then either fill it up at the well there (near the church), or go back to Tir Chonaill and fill it up at the stream (near the Blacksmith). Of course, if you still have that Bottle of Milk you received from one of the early quests (Hunt 5 Grey Wolves), you can just drink up the Milk and use the Empty Bottle without paying anything (Bottles are reusable).*

Last point I want to make is to party! As an archer, you don’t want to have to solo too often - there’s always that 1-20% chance of your shot missing and you getting mobbed. Partying greatly increases your survival rate and usefulness until the other, more advanced, ranged skills are applied to the game - namely Arrow Revolver (fires a series of shots in succession with varying damage) and possibly Support Shot (which allows you to help a party member attack a monster without disrupting the battle). As for dungeon runs and various boss encounters, support your party by using Magnum Shot to knock back monsters if they gets too close . Well-timed shots are the key to supporting your party in these situations. Doing this also gives time for your melee-based party members to use their Smash skill while the monster is down and stunned or to apply a normal attack to cancel a potentially devastating skill.
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Why is this here? These guides were stolen from the people who wrote them and are placed on without credit. I did some moving =). If you are the one who wrote this and you do not want them on this forum, please PM me and I will remove it immediately. Thank you.