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Lols! My main sheep isn't even 300 yet ;-; I'm too lazy ]:

Well, aside from listening to music last night, I also went around to doing my desktop and laptop clean up. Needed to optimize, disk clean, reg clean, defrag, spybot scan, and anti-virus scan. I don't do the cleaning unless I don't have anything else to do, and that I realized that I haven't cleaned in a while.

And yesterday, because I was uberly sick, I wasn't able to go see BoA. There was this concert called Kollaboration, and this year they were featuring BoA. I knew some really good friends that was invited there and also friends that were part of the concert, they gave me VIP backstage passes and everything and after party tickets. I was about to leave around 5PM, when I like sorta knocked out and that's around the time I woke up, but that's when my fever started to kill me. So boo. It's okie, it's not like it's my only time to see BoA.

On another note, I'm deciding to save up for the next 4 years so I can start buying parts to build my own computer and customize a new laptop. For the past 2 years, I've bought my laptop and desktop just because I really needed something. My old desktop is so fails it takes literally 40 minutes just to open up FireFox. And my old laptop was pretty much the same. Sometimes it doesn't even open up until the WEEK after =_= I don't buy anything electronic until Black Friday. But, I usually go to Best Buy for Black Fridays, and if I wanted to build my desktop I would have to go to FRY's or stick my ass at home and fight 153324134425645798098901 other people online who wants the same shi as me. Lols. So most likely I'll just go to Black Friday, have my cousin at home hunt for my items online, and then also come home for Cyber Monday, and hunt for more stuff. This Black Friday, I don't plan on buying much, except for a 52 inch HDTV. But for the next 3 years after that, I won't be buying anything uber, probably small things here and there. So I should save enough to build my own desktop and customized laptop by then :]

I'm hungry, so I think I'm going to tell my cousin to make me noodles :3

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