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Uhh, i think this is the Sleep Bind Or Freeze Bind combo, i'm a noob so i don't really know if this is right but.... I think it's AAAA Ice Dragon, Meteor, Ice Arrow, Cold Whirlwind, AA Cold Nuclear, Rim of Severe Cold, Then Element of Freezing, but to do this i think u need maybe at best lv 9 Cold Nuclear.

Also here's a build i got somehow, someone tell me if this is any good?
ルニア戦記 - スキルシミュレータ

Im a Hybrid O.o

Ice Bomb: Max for the dmg, for Stage/PvP.
Ice Arrow: Maxed for the dmg, for Stage/Team PvP.
Ice Giant Fist: Lv1 Combo Only.
Ice Pillar: Lv 1 Combo Only.
Ice Rain: Maxed, dmg and combo, for Stage/PvP.
Glacier Summon: Maxed for the Dmg, Stage/PvP.

Cold Whirlwind: Lv 1 For the waking,comboing and running away (Not much running away used), for Mostly PvP/Some Stage.
Ice Dragon Heart: Lv 1 Mostly for PvP To distract/Regen mana, for PvP.
Cold Nuclear: Lv 9 for the 2.2S freezing (Sleep Bind Combo), for PvP.
Ice Dragon: Maxed for the dmg and for comboing, for Stage/PvP.
Breath of Severe Cold: Lv 1 Not much use for it but, Lv 1 for the use at certain times, for Mostly Stage.
Cold Incandescence: Lv 1 For the use, hardly gonna hit for me cause i suck, for Stage/PvP.

Teleport: Lv 1 I don't have much usage for it. Except for Running, for stage/PvP
Element of Freezing: Lv 1 Hardly, it's good enough dmg for me, for PvP
Rim of Severe Cold: Lv 1 People hardly stay in it, PvP/Team PvP
Ice Queen Summon: Lv 1 because from i hear, not so good except for decoy.

Mana Extension: Lv9 Because i have no mana passives and i can regen mana at 0HP.
Cold/Fire/Ground Resistance: Lv 0 Since it's pretty much useless.

Mana Increase: Lv0 Because i have Mana Extension.
Mana Regen: Lv 0 Because of Mana Extension.
Magic Death Blow: Maxed due to Yuki's multiple hit Skills.
Concentration: Lv 0 I personally don't think i need it.
HP Increase: Maxed, i'm going to have Mana Armor so, HP Increase is a must for me.

Comments and Thoughts Please. If This is somewhat like a guide im sorry to post it here.