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IGN: Elysium
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For some reason, I've spent the past 4 hours listening to music, and attempting to sing like 90% of them even though I failed horribly. It's nice when I have the energy and decide to take some time to go through my music folder. Because my life is always going at a fast pace, because of my procrastination, I tend to just have my "hip, trendy" music on-the-go when I need to listen to something. I never really have the time to sit back and just listen to the music and explore my folders. My music comes in bulk, so I would actually get the entire album and everything that goes along with it, even though I searched for it just for one song. In the end, I tend to ignore the rest of the other songs, and copy and paste that one song into my hip folder.

I love the feeling of stumbling upon something you were never looking for in the first place. I really wish my life can be serendipitous. It just feels really nice when you find a song that is so awesome that you never knew you had before. Lols.

So yar. I'm tired. I have a power point I have to do about my presentation tomorrow, and also finish up my final piece for my essay. I have a feeling, knowing myself, I'd end up re-writing my entire essay. It's 4 AM, and for some reason I'm in zombie mode. Earlier, my fever started to come back again, so I decided to take some new meds my doctors gave to me. Because I take so much medication on a daily basis, I'm pretty much immune to them. So the doctors asked me to take 2 pills. Each pill is 500 mg, so like orz. It's pretty much overdosing, but I technically overdose anyway. I mean lols, I take like literally at least 12 pills a day. If something comes up like a fever, which happens fairly often, I take up to around 20 pills. I guess it's better now. Before, I used to take around 26 pills a day. I feel like some sort of drug dummy. XD

I got my sheep to TM 120 like 30 minutes after I woke up, but I just lounged around and ate spring rolls till dinner time. I watched Family Guy, and lounged around a bit more, then 5 hours later, I decided to hunt the magnetites, and the pure sapphire I needed to change jobs. =_= The stupid pure sapphire didn't like me, I hunted for them for like 30 minutes, and all the Bone Fighters gave me was the stupid Saw Blade Ring thing, then Keety decided to come help me, and he gets there barely for 2 minutes and he finds one ;-; Then he helped me with the magnetites <3 Thank god that didn't take long, when I found one, he found one right after XD So I changed jobs, realized I forgot to save out my magic equips from level 140-169, I was like crap, I guess I'll just live with my poor Pluto stuff. The hat was annoying me so I finally fused it. Decided I wouldn't play iRO next month, so I used the 20$ on my debit card that I was saving for the iRO subscription to recharge. I got my new sheep hair dye and another pair of blue shoes. Then I got the licking face thingy... Lold.

With all of the work I have to do tomorrow, and how tired I am now, I don't think I can level anymore from now till maintenance on Weds. I have Class from Monday-Weds, and Weds I have a presentation I need to do, and an English class I cannot miss. So boo, I give up on the level up race. But hey I made a new sheep yay :]

I guess that's enough for my ramblings tonight. I should hit the sack now XD Nighty night <3

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