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d) Regression
Buying a Regression Book( 3.00GP ), you can make your Pets become what he was before :

You receive 100 of its Skills again.

6. Tips
a) Understanding
Pets came to help the player with their variety of Skills( specially in Battle ); you'll find the one that fits your Char.

Pets can help you in PVP this way:

*Avoid continuous Grabs( both players grabbing at the same time ).

*Avoid continuous Grabs( Double / Triple / Infinite Grabs ).

*Stop the enemy.

Based on the information above, here comes an analyses of the Skills :

*Slime: About 2 seconds to attack - Hits the enemy with his head - Kill.

*PePe: About 1 second to attack - PePe attack the enemy with his head and throw the enemy far away( really far ), helping you to avoid Skills( respecting the fact if the enemy is already "Skilling" or not ) and making Combos( just like Anti-Gravity + PePe )... The most interesting fact is that this attack got a GOOD bug; sometimes( depending on the Server, almost everytime ), PePe can cause too much damage( normal Skills( of any Pet ), inflicts about 1 - 5 Damage, but, PePe can cause 20, 30, 40 and sometimes, more ! ) - Kill.

*Sid: From 2 to 3 seconds to atack - Sid makes a twist with his wings that inflict continuous damage and "freezes" him( the enemy won't be able to avoid it ) and keeps making he go far away with the Tornado( for about 3 seconds )... So, you'll be able to do many things against your enemy without risk - Don't Kill.

*Gon: About 1 second to attack - Gon will throw 4( about one per second ) broken eggs to many directions that can cause Counter and block the way, and, also help you to attack - Don't kill.

*Luna: Maybe less than 1 second - Luna is the fatest Pet; she'll go against the enemy and hit him about 4 times, but, it's easy to avoid with Counter - Kill.

*Pixie - About 2 - 3 seconds to attack - Pixie will make and throw an Ice Spear against the enemy that will make him fall down - Kill.

*Ninko - About 2 seconds - Ninko will throw a Shuriken that will hit about 3 times and freeze the enemy - Don't kill.

*Goldie - Maybe 1 second - Similar to the Slime; Goldie will attack the enemy with many hits and longer range - Kill.

*Chaos PePe - Maybe 1 second - Chaos PePe will make a Gas( again; imagine what kind of gas... ) that you slow down the enemy( and freeze him ), making it possible to do many Combos...And it causes Counter very easely - Don't kill.

*Sidtri - Maybe 1 second = Sidtri will attack the enemy with his burning body, making it possible to make Combos, Counter and killing.

*Gorgon - About 2 seconds - Gorgon will flame thrower the enemy, freezing, causing Counter and low damage - Don't kill.

*Lunatic - About 1 second - Lunatic will Combo with punches and kicks - Kill.

*Icy - About 1 second - Icy will make a "Frozen Breath", freezing everyone in front of her... All you need to unfreeze is < and >, and, this Skill won't cause damage, not even make you fall down - Don't kill.

*Ninkoro : Maybe less than 1 second - Ninkoro will throw a Fuuma Shuriken that can easely freeze the enemy, but, it's very short and the damage is low - Don't kill.

Ps : Remember, Pets are Weak; they were made to help you in Combos / Avoiding attacks, not killing.

Kill : Can kill enemies with Low HP / Fatal.

Don't Kill : Maximum can take you to Fatal State.

B) “How to evolve?”

*PvP: Possibly the worse way of evolving; you'll need to really own your enemies.

*Battle: Normal XP( formula already said before ) - Easy to Level with Swaps / Free Kills.

*Extra: Even being unsual, Pet receive XP - But remember, even wining, if you win with Less than 5 Points, there'll be no XP.

*Expedition: Depends on the enemies; not good, too much time and risk.

*Monster Battle: Depends on the stage; good only to Level 25-.

*Missions: Normal XP.

*TAG: Selecting the same Char two times, he'll receive normal XP...But different Chars( even using the same Pet ), -1 XP Point.