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Endgame has a spectacular aura aboutEndgame has a spectacular aura about

Originally Posted by Haiko
Again, ew at the levels. 4th job should be for level 30. ._.
3rd job is 20. Not 2nd.
2nd is 11. _________
2nd is 5 in the other versions, actually.

But yeah, these might have been the level requirements in kGC as well, and they probably lowered them later. We can expect them to be lowered later as well, or at least, we can HOPE they will. (Who wants to get Elesis to level 40 before they can do the quest for the Job Advancement that's actually an improvement over her 1st?!)

And GM Loki himself said that it took him 14 runs to get Gardosen's Edge. But on the bright side, by the time you get those PVP medals (especially if you have my luck in PVP, getting grabbed in the middle of skills and all), you should DEFINATELY be high enough to run Hell Bridge!