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Keeruh is on a distinguished road

Read the Guild Rules: Yes :P
Character IGN: Keeruh
Character Job/Class: Wind Wizard
Character Level: 17 ^^;
Activeness: I log on atleast once everyday playing up to atleast 2 hours.
Main Character: Yes.
If you were in another guild, reason for leaving that guild is:
Before I went on a vacation from La Tale, I belonged to a guild whose name I have forgotten by now. I stayed for a while and thought it was a pleasant guild to be in. After a while I saw it slowly die due to our leader being inactive. I left after finding out the leader had quit La Tale and only told the Jr. Leader about it.

Real Name: Kira
Age: 15
Nationality/Ethnic: Asian (Japanese, Hawaiin)
Location: Hawaii
Time Zone: (GMT -10:00) Hawaii
What you do for a living: I'm still a student, but I like to participate in club events my school offers and play tennis on the tennis team. :P
Type of music you enjoy: Anything that sounds nice!
Microphone: Sadly no. :<
Reason You Want To Join Royalty: Why do I want to join Royalty? First of all, the guild name sounds very classy, dignified. However, The main reason is because I do not see the point of playing a game if there's no one play it with. Is that good enough? hehe..