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Default Beginner`s Handbook to Ronan

Author-Unknown Ex-MyChase user

Beginner's Handbook to Ronan

First guide.......criticism can go die. =) (unless its constructive) Plagiarism will not be tolerated, even though most people already know whats stated in here without the help of guides.

I. Introduction
II. Unlocking Ronan
III. Skill Chart
IV. PvP Tactics (to be finished eventually)
V. Conclusion

I Introduction

Hi, so it seems you want to learn how to use Ronan. Now, because I'm as noob as the next guy, it's pretty obvious you would want to look at someone else's guide, but what I'm teaching are probably the basics.


II Unlocking Ronan

Before you are able to use Ronan, you must unlock him first.

Open up the shop and go to Academy. Here you will see 2 selections: Premium Ronan Mission or xx's Ronan Mission. (xx=character name)

If you select the Premium Ronan Mission you must pay 1 Crystal, which is easily obtained by hunting bosses, in order to finish the quest.

If you select the regular Ronan Mission, you must clear Forsaken Barrow ***, Forgotten City ***, and Gaikoz's Castle ***.

-you musn't use a bonus ressurect or natal ring in Forsaken Barrow or Forgotten City.
-you musn't die once at Gaikoz.
-you can do this with a party, or you can do it alone.

Forsaken Barrow
Boss - Lich

<I have no tips/not writing down yet/haven't tried...=P>

Forgotten City
Boss - Paradom

Paradom is quite a simple boss in my opinion. It attacks in a certain way.

First, it will do a diagonal shot, then a horizontal and vertical shot. To sum it, it shoots sort of like an X, then an Addition Sign +.

Danger attacks:
When it says danger, it will move either up or down. Most of the time it will move down. When he attacks, he attacks horizontally with a big blast. It does a surpising amount of damage so you may want to avoid it.
Rarely will happen but you never know: 5% of the time, instead of moving down, he will move up. Instead of shooting horizontally, he will shoot the gigantic beam directly down. Thus dealing enormous damage to those who are standing underneath him. Avoidable by dashing.

Gaikoz's Castle:
Resort to Cujo's excellent Guide on How to beat Gaikoz.=)

After having completed all three maps, you can complete the quest and get Ronan. Congrats~!


III Skill Chart

> - Right Directional Key
< - Left Directional Key
^ - Up directional Key
Z - Z on your keyboard. (I'm guessing 4 on a controller?)

Bolt: > >, <, Z OR < <, >, Z
5 Hit Combo: Z, Z, Z, Z, Z
Launcher:Z, Z, Z ^Z, Z
4-7 Hit Dash: When doing the 5 Hit Combo, press > instead of Z after the 2 combo.

MP Skills
<to be implemented cause i hate ronan's voice and hardly understand what he says...>


IV. PvP Tactics

As Ronan, you possess the same Defence ability as Elesis. So if your facing the incoming arrows, theyll do less arrows. Try to avoid showing your back to Lire, or you will get damaged. A common way of getting close is Dash, Jump, and Dash while in Mid-Air. This makes it harder for them to hit you. As soon as you get close, you can do the Launcher or the 5 Hit Combo on them.

If an arme is using firebolts against you, then you will either jump and dash over them, or find another way to get to Arme. Not much less to say than get close and do the 5HC or the Launcher. Though you may want to stay somewhat above Arme. When an Arme uses Stone Curse, it takes time for you to get out, allowing them to escape and use the Lvl 1 White Magic skill.

<Not good at fight elesis' lol...resort to someone's elses guide =)>

<Same as Elesis...resort to someones elses guide...>


V. Conclusion
This is somewhat basic general information which most people should know. So yeah...have fun...

Why is this here? These guides were stolen from the people who wrote them and are placed on without credit. I did some moving =). If you are the one who wrote this and you do not want them on this forum, please PM me and I will remove it immediately. Thank you.

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